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Micro Mixer 0.2 Liter and 1.0 Liter Krieger's Vacuum Pressure Micro Mixer is ideally suited for pharmaceutical and bio laboratory research where mixing small quantities under vacuum and/or pressurized conditions are required. The Micro Mixer's jacketed mixing vessel is 316 L SS and can be completely removed from the base mixing station, allowing researchers full flexibility in all operations from processing through final product handling. Material filling or emptying of the Micro Mixer vessel can be done remotely without having to open the vessel cover. Moving the contained mixed product to an autoclave or isolator for discharging, cleaning or filling is simple. FDA seals, a pressure relief valve and temperature probe Small Scale Vacuum Mixing, Pressure Mixing Removable Portable Vessel Fully Jacketed 316L SS Vessel 0.05 or 0.3 Liter Minimum Process Volume Bottom or Top Driven Mixing Station Digital Speed Read out with Variable Set Point Temperature Probe with Digital Read Out Optional Bottom Valve Phone: (617) 999-4699 E-Mail: sales@kriegerswitzerland.com

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Bottom Driven 0.2 liter 0.05 liter 0.35 liter 0 - 1000 -1 bar 0.5 to 4 bar Bottom Driven 1 liter 0.3 liter 1.4 liter 0 - 1000 -1 bar 0.5 to 4 bar Processing Data Top Driven 0.2 liter 0.05 liter 0.35 liter 0 - 1000 -1 bar 0.5 to 4 bar Mixer: Working volume: Minimum Process volume: Capacity to vessel rim: Rpm: infinitely variable Vacuum: Pressure: Operating Features Digital read out and set values Temperature probe with removable sleeve holder Digital temperature indication Removable vessel from base station with coupling Heating shell with input and output nozzle Long Temperature sleeve holder...

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