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Catalogue excerpts

KRIEGER Mixing & Homogenising Systems Pharmaceutics Cosmetics Chemistry Bio Food Molto Mat Range Cleaning in Place Sterilisation in Place Powder Feed Station External Homogeniser Recipe Handler Molto Mat Link

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Over 50 Years of Experience Krieger, founded in 1946, is well established in the production of mixing & homogenising equipment. In the early sixties, a concept combining two speed mixing and homogenising in one machine was pioneered by Krieger. At the time, both the pharmaceutical and the cosmetics industries recognised this emerging technology to be revolutionary, a technology allowing companies to produce more efficiently in one single vessel. The MOLTO MAT is now regarded as the industry standard throughout the world. 2 Today, Krieger’s new Molto Mat range provides customers with the most complete...

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Complementary to the Molto Mat range, Krieger offers the following equipment to process the production of liquids and semi–solids: Fat melting vessels, storage tanks, fermentation vessels, a mobile powder feed station, an external homogeniser and a complete mixing & stirring programme including magnetic mixers. All equipment may be combined in complete turnkey systems for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, bio and food industries. Krieger represents over 50 years of experience and know-how in the field of liquids and semi -solids processing. Our technology has made its way into many complete...

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Krieger Maintenance Service Krieger mixing & homogenising systems generally require little maintenance, which reflects the quality of their design and manufacture. Production details of each individual machine are filed to ensure the long-term supply of all spare and mechanical parts regardless of the year of registration. Our service technicians are specially trained for interventions at customers’ sites around the world in order to guarantee that your Krieger equipment remains operational at all times. Krieger Financing Support Krieger equipment is built to last. It is an investment that pays...

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Krieger Technology and Customized Design Our aim is to provide solutions resulting in state-of-the art mixing and homogenising systems. We therefore continuously improve our machines technically, thus guaranteeing top quality and high standard machines. In order to satisfy current and future technological as well as FDA, GMP, GAMP, CE, ISO requirements new developments are necessary. To achieve this goal we work in close cooperation with our customers. Left: Machine for the production of sterile ophthalmic products used in eye surgery. For these applications, the customer required a "sterility...

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The Krieger Molto Mat Mixing Homogeniser A Controlled Process with Guarantees Controlled product flow Controlled velocity of homogeniser Controlled heating & cooling Automatic vacuum & pressure regulation Cleaning in Place system Sterilisation in Place system Mechanical sealing concept PLC automation Clockwise rotation of homogeniser with controlled product flow Anti-clockwise rotation of homogeniser reverses the product flow and creates a vortex Perfect mixing of all ingredients All particles equally homogenised Equal product temperature in the whole processing batch Same quality of low and high...

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The Krieger Molto Mat Range A universal and flexible concept for all needs Krieger’s new Molto Mat range was designed specially to enable a flexible production. The standard Molto Mat processes all process steps in one single vessel, making it the best solution for poor of germs and sterile production. When the new Molto Mat range was designed special emphasis was laid on scale-up, cleaning and sterilisation abilities of the vessels. The basic models MMU, MMD and MMS, worldwide accepted as a standard for "poor of germs production" come with the famous rotating Krieger Cleaning and Sterilisation...

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Three Independent Mixing Elements A pioneering innovation is the homogeniser which rotates clockwise and anticlockwise, thus changing the product flow in the vessel and creating a vortex. Powder and other ingredients can be added from the top and is then directly drawn into the clockwise and anticlockwise rotating homogeniser, resulting in an optimal dispersion of the added ingredients. The Molto Mat has three mixing elements: The outer agitating arm, fitted with wall scrapers, ensures a perfect heat transfer from vessel wall to product. The counter-rotating inner agitating tool. This can be a...

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Vessel Design One of the key features of the new Molto Mat range is the entirely "crevice free interior" and the use of "smooth cleanable angles". The crevice free interior and the smooth angles provide a perfect processing environment for cleaning and sterilisation procedures. Crevice free design with the famous rotating CIP arms with spray balls for a perfect cleaning of the vessel cover and upper parts of the agitating tools. 9

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Cleaning An integrated CIP system has the advantage that the time needed to prepare the machine for the next batch is minimised and therefore valuable production time is saved. To get the most out of your Molto Mat’s cleaning abilities, Krieger offers a wide variety of CIP add-ons like: q q q q q Recirculation pipework and pumps Detergent preparation tanks and dosage pumps Water preparation tanks CIP software Instruments to measure water quality These features can be combined to form a customised CIP system. Water consumption is low due to the special CIP design. The CIP system is controled by...

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Sterile Processing During the last few years, Krieger – in cooperation with several renowned customers – has gained some excellent experience in the field of sterile processing. Highly sterile processes require that a guaranteed sterilisation temperature is maintained for a defined period in the whole production system and that the risk of product contaminations through periodical sys- tem errors in the mechanical processing cycle is eliminated or clearly indicated (e.g. particles from usage of seals, dirt particles in small gaps, sterility leaks in the cooling water of mechanical seals, etc.)....

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