Countdown to the next industrial revolution: The Pfiffner AT 115/10 CNC - 5 Pages

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Countdown to the next industrial revolution: The Pfiffner AT 115/10 CNC Quality Flexibility Productivity

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For three decades, the machine tools manufacturer Pfiffner has been developing innovative solutions for companies in diverse sectors such as the automotive, clock and watch making, medical equipment, electronics, telecommunications, assembly, hydraulics, pneumatics and domestic appliances industries as well as many other sectors. All these industries have one thing in common: when it comes to product quality and the flexibility of production processes, they demand the very best. For us, this demand is both an obligation and a challenge which constantly inspires us to achieve even more impressive...

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The AT 115/10 CNC automatic pallet transfer machine is an innovative machine concept for the simultaneous production of large runs of highly complex workpieces with exceptionally low tolerance levels. The machine is particularly efficient when different tools for drilling, milling, reaming and thread cutting are used simultaneously. Economically, this makes it the most attractive alternative to conventional processing lines consisting of stand-alone machines. The most exciting features of the AT 115/10 CNC include ease of handling thanks to the central control console which simplifies programming,...

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ONE: The AT 115/10 CNC: a true economic miracle extended functional uptimes thanks to the machine‘s nine independent CNC-controlled machining stations The AT 115/10 CNC automatic pallet transfer machine operates with legendary Swiss precision. And achieves results that make their mark not only in steel, brass and aluminum but also in the financial statement. Don‘t miss the next industrial revolution. Contact us to arrange a non-binding demonstration. We‘re looking forward to meeting your challenges. extreme flexibility and precision thanks to the CNC control and coded clamping system pallet transfer...

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