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Catalogue excerpts

Business portrait Completely automatic compressor system - dry running reciprocating compressors - control panel, operation "fail-safe" - gas dryer unit, dewpoint -60°C - closed loop cooling water system I I n behalf of all our staff from Sales, Engineering, Production and Service, we extend a warm welcome to the world of KOHO in Hagen, Westphalia and thank you for your interest in the compressor systems manufactured by Kdhler S Hdrter - the enter- prise behind the name. Precision ■ the modo 0/ our highly motivated Reciprocating compressor: dry running, 2 cylinders, single-stage, watercooled,...

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KOHO compressor systems 3) vertical construction with cylinders 4) piston and guide rings for absolute oil-lree compression 5) sealing of the lower compression chamber on the piston rod by means of an oil-free, multi-chamber gland 7) separation of the forced oil lubricated drive system from the dry-running cylinder by oil wipers and long single or long two-compaitment distance 8) motion work: forced oil lubricated, consisting of crankshaft, connecting crosshead guide Cooling water lllu. A: oil wiper picking with floating lllu. B: gland packing with floating elements. gas extract/on and condensation...

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OHO compressor systems are high- lighted by variable, long-life design. Even after many years of use, when product- ion systems must be reorganized to cope with changing technical needs, it is essential, especially from the economics point of view, that compressor systems are adapted to changed conditions to not only maintain but increase overall production and efficiency. KOHO modular design technology fits the bill maximum service life and operational safety, excellent delivery times and lowering of operating costs. And that applies to all KOHO compressor systems. The special design and choice...

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The endeavours of industry to manu- facture high-quality products, to design, build and operate reliable production systems, at the same time achieving maxi- mum efficiency and productivity, demand the use, at the most varied locations, of comple- tely oil-free compressors. KOHO compressor systems have been meeting these needs, under harsh, continuous operati- on, since 1948. The major areas of applicati- on are the chemical, petrochemical and phar- maceutical industries, reactor technology, gas decanting and distribution, gas recovery and liquefaction, the production of inert gas, gas storage...

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