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Catalogue excerpts

Core Sand Mixer Anlagenbau AG

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STATORMIX Facts The core sand mixer STATORMIX, with its vertical mixing drum, employs a proven and efficient mixing technique that ensures high quality, thorough mixing of the sand. This high mixing effi-ciency is achieved by forcing the sand through two mixing cham-bers separated by a 'stator'. The spcial technology used in the manufacture of the mixer interior results in highly abrasion-rsistant mixer lining and mixing tools with exceptionally long life expectancy even in three-shift op驩ration. The lining segments as well as the mixing tools can be replaced indi-vidually. The hinged mixer front...

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The STATORMIX ■ high mixing intensity ■ mixing rate matched to the core demand ■ partial batches can be processed without loss in quality ■ minimum adhrence of residues to the mixer interior I triple stage cleaning concept ■ freely accessible mixer interior I lowest wear M only negligible sand residues in the mixer after discharge ■ low energy consumption H no heating up of the sand ■ no loss of solvents

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STATORMIX Type 22 53 123 Batch size Batch weight Mixing rate max. " Drive 151 34 1 appr. 22 kg appr. 50 kg appr. 2,2 t/h appr. 5 t/h 4 kw 5,5 kw 80 1 appr. 120 kg appr. 9 t/h 5/10 kw related lo silica sand F32 cold box binder Bending strength versus the period of mixing " The STATORMIX method of opթration guarantees optimal mixing results in short mixing cycles. Reduced binder consumption provides another advantage. As a consͩquence, degasification is optimised, core shooting and de-coring are facilitated. average bending strength / (N/cm 2i- 0,7 % / 0,7 o/o 0,6 % / 0,6 % 0,5 % / 0,5 % 300 250...

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STATORMIX 122 with dosing equipment and distribution vehicle STATORMIX 22 with distribution vehicle 2 STATORMIX 53 with sand and additive balance STATORMIX 123 with sand and additive balance Dosing equipment for cold box binder STATORMIX 22 compact plant

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Outstanding features and advan-tages of KLEIN binder dosing equipment type BDG KLEIN bellow dosing equipment was particularly developed for use with chemical binders for foundry sands. The design is simple and robust. Binder dosing equipment type BDG Principle components: ■ stainless steel bellows ■ welded flange connections on both ends ■ interior discharge and suction openings ■ operated by normal com-pressed air I suction spring-actuated infinit adjustment of dosed quantity slection of two binder quantifies Features: I volumetric dosing indepenclent of binder viscosity H The seals do not corne...

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Sand dosing type SDG, volumetric Sand dosing balance STATORMIX 53 Binder dosing equipment with day tanks

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Our range of products: Pneumatic conveying technology: Pneumatic conveying Systems with pressure vessel conveyor for dry, free-flowing, abrasive and abrasion-sensitive materials. ■ Thrust conveying for granular materials such as silica sand I S-type conveying for dust-texture materials such as bentonite, coal clust and additives H PLI-process for low-wear transportation of abrasive materials with a wide granular spectrum Rclamation technology: ■ Rclamation plants for used sand ■ R驩gnration unit ROTAREG to improve the quality of used sand Engineering, Installation and After-Sales-Service KLEIN...

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