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Metalcutting Safety
Read before using the tools in this catalogue!
Projectile and Fragmentation Hazards:
Modern metalcutting operations involve high spindle and cutter speeds and high temperatures and cutting forces. Hot metal chips
may fly off the workpiece during metalcutting. Although cutting tools are designed and manufactured to withstand high cutting forces
and temperatures, they can sometimes fragment, particularly if they are subjected to over-stress, severe impact, or other abuse.
To avoid injury:
• Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety goggles, when operating metalcutting machines
or working nearby.
• Always make sure all machine guards are in place.
Breathing and Skin Contact Hazards:
Grinding carbide or other advanced cutting tool materials produces dust or mist containing metallic particles. Breathing this dust
or mist — especially over an extended period — can cause temporary or permanent lung disease or make existing medical conditions worse.
Contact with this dust or mist can irritate eyes, skin, and mucous membranes and may make existing skin conditions worse.
To avoid injury:
• Always wear breathing protection and safety goggles when grinding.
• Provide ventilation control and collect and properly dispose of dust, mist, or sludge from grinding.
• Avoid skin contact with dust or mist.
For more information, read the applicable Material Safety Data Sheet provided by Kennametal and consult General Industry Safety
and Health Regulations, Part 1910, Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
These safety instructions are general guidelines. Many variables affect machining operations. It is impossible to cover every specific
situation. The technical information included in this catalogue and recommendations on machining practices may not apply to your
particular operation. For more information, consult Kennametal’s Metalcutting Safety booklet, available free from Kennametal at 724.539.5747
or fax 724.539.5439. For specific product safety and environmental questions, contact our Corporate Environmental Health and Safety Office at
724.539.5066 or fax 724.539.5372.

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Kennametal Innovations 2014
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