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Clean air and safety at work: these have
been the goal at KEMPER since the company
was founded in 1977. Hazardous
smoke and pollutants are generated during
welding and cutting in the metal industry.
Using our extraction and filtering equipment,
we make sure that operators can
still breathe in clean air. With an extensive
range of health and safety equipment, we
can provide protection against UV / IR
ra-diation, heat, sparks and weld splatter,
benefiting not only the operator but also
the machinery and the environment.
These days, KEMPER stands for more
than just clean air and safety in metalworking.
Since 2008, we have been
storage and retrieval system, an innovative,
modular facility for the intelligent storage of
sheet metal. Unlike conventional solutions,
the system does not work with drawers,
but provides access to the metal sheets
individually, both when storing and retrieving
from stock. The advantages are a more
efficient use of storage capacity thanks to
higher stock storage levels, more flexible
use of compartments and faster handling.
Since the beginning of 2009, we have been
making use of our years of experience in
plant construction and our core competency
in metalworking to develop tracking systems
for photovoltaic modules. KemTRACK
determines the exact position of the sun
from the location, date and time and thus
ensures that the solar cells always have
the optimum orientation. Compared to fixed
installations, increases in power output of
up to 40 percent can be achieved.
To ensure our products’ high technical
standards, we invest continually in research
and development. We also work with
universities, research institutes and
technical monitoring agencies.
And with some success: we developed the
retrieval system in cooperation with the
Fraunhofer Insti-tute for Material Flow and
Logistics (IML), receiving the VDI Innovation
Award in Spring 2009.
In addition to its headquarters in Vreden,
KEMPER now maintains other production
facilities in Shanghai (China) and Prague
(Czech Republic). In addition, we have
eight subsidiaries and a large number of
business partners throughout the world.
The heart of our business is and remains
our headquarters in Vreden.
We will continue to develop and produce
our products here in the future.
... and more.
KEMPER – the specialist
for systematic air
purification in the working
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Product catalogue
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    BusinessAs an innovative company, KEMPER is constantly developingits business. At present we are active in three businesssegments on an international basis.Welding...
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    High quality demandsExtraction and filtration equipment used in the metal industrymust be flexible, reliable and above all, robust. That is why atKEMPER...
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    TelephoneOur customer service is daily at your disposal.From Monday to Thursday from 7.00 to 18.00 andon Friday from 7.00 to 17.00.+49 (0) 2564 68-0FaxFor...
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    ContentExhaust arms - exhaust cranes· Flexible exhaust arms ............................. 5 - 6· Rigid metal tube arms ................................
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