The Off The Shelf Fast Fitting Steel To Steel Connection System - 4 Pages

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The Off The Shelf Fast Fitting Steel To Steel Connection System

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The Off The Shelf Fast Fitting Steel To Steel Connection System • N O SIT E D RIL L ING OR WEL D ING • NO HOT WO RK PERMITS • NO FABR ICATION OF PL ATES OR C L AM

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What is the Fast Fit system? Fast Fit u A KEE SAFETY PRODUCT Fast Fit is an off the shelf engineered clamping solution to connect two steel sections together without the need for onsite drilling or welding. All you need to secure two sections together comes in one box. The system comprises a frame which wraps around the edges of the sections and slides into place to provide a position for the clamps to be secured. The system allows for varying angles that can be easily achieved by sliding the beams relative to each other. The Fast Fit system delivers a guaranteed connection every time...

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Installation Instructions The Fast Fit system can be fully installed in under 5 minutes which saves time compared to traditional welding or drilling methods. Following the steps below will give a fully guaranteed connection. STEP 1 - Install the framework of plates around the two sections to be connected. STEP 2 - Rotate the open side of the plate around the sections so that the frame is complete. STEP 3 - Insert one set of clamps through each corner ensuring they are positioned as in step 4. STEP 4 - The front and back edge of the clamps should run parallel with the steel sections....

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The model below is designed to demonstrate the time that can be saved by using a Fast Fit system compared to either a standard welded or drilled and bolted connection. The majority of time and cost is saved by the reduction in preparation and labour time. This model does not include the potential for remedy work that may need to be carried out should the connection not be in the correct place. With the Fast Fit system this is quick and easy to do where as with a welded or drilled and bolted connection it is more difficult and time consuming. FAST FIT SYSTEM Connection Requirements WELDED...

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