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Free Standing Roof Edge Protection

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Why You Need Fall Protection? In the UK, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), falls from height are the biggest cause of death and the second biggest cause of serious injuries in the workplace. Every day contractors require regular access to rooftops to carry out essential building, repair and maintenance work. Under the amended Work at Height Regulations 2007, it is the moral duty and legal responsibility of those in control of rooftop work to do all that is reasonably practical to prevent anyone falling. Companies whose business involves working at height have to ensure...

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• Corrosion resistant - all iron fittings are galvanised • System works on a proven counterbalance system • Suitable for use on concrete, asphalt, PVC membrane and felt roof surfaces • Fittings use case hardened steel setscrews with KEE KOAT protection • Minimum components for ease of installation • Compatible with almost all configurations of flat roofs up to 10 degrees slope • Modular design allows reconfiguration on site if needed • Integral toeboard fixings • Assemblies are fitted with anti-slip pads • Sections can be added to or taken down, for reconstruction elsewhere • Design load:...

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Typical KeeGuard® Configurations A Typical KeeGuard® Configuration when Secondary Restraint is Available KEEGUARD free standing roof edge protection system meets the requirements of EN 14122 pt. 3 by use of sufficient counter-weight restricting the movement of the guard rail in the event it being called into use. Where a parapet (minimum height 150mm) is in place which can help to absorb some of the force applied against the rail the following configuration can be used. The bay lengths are 2.2 metres and the free ends require two weights per free end. If the end bay length is reduced to...

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Essential Kee Klamp® Fittings Used to Complete a KeeGuard® System Type 14-8 Straight Coupling is used to connect lengths of tube. Type 15-8 Elbow is used for ‘D’ Returns and 90° corners. Type 19-8 can be used for variable angles and to accommodate slope irregularities. Type 61-8 Flange is used for wall attachments. Type 77-8 Plastic Plug is used to cap open tube ends. Recycled, Easy to Handle PVC Base Weights The recycled PVC weights used with KEEGUARD bring a number of advantages to the system, and particularly make installation quicker and easier, saving both time and money. • 13.5 kg per...

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KeeGuard® Installation Typical Layout 2000 mm maximum post spacings Connect rails with 14-8’s maximum of one per bay and positioned at least one bay apart. Change in Level Detail Unrestrained 'D' Return Detail 550 mm max 15-8 Typical end detail infixed Base of upright within 2m of an upstand or at least 2m from an edge

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KeeGuard® Counterbalance Configurations The diagram to the right details a CB1P main counterbalance configuration. When used in restrained situations, these should be placed a maximum distance of 2.2 metres apart in a straight run. Whenever a 90° corner is required, a KEE KLAMP fitting 15-8 should be used on each rail. It is essential that an upright is no further than 500mm from the corner and the total length between uprights around the corner is no greater than 2 metres. In a straight run, lengths of handrail are connected together using a KEE KLAMP fitting 14-8. CB2P The diagram to the...

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KeeGuard® Free End Counterbalance Details Scenario 1. Fully Restrained - Butted up against parapet Partially Restrained - Not against parapet Unrestrained - No parapet, more than 2m from edge Max bay size = 2m CB4P More than 2m from edge Unrestrained - No parapet, within 2m from edge Max bay size = 2m Less than 2m from edge Min 500mm

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Aluminium Free Standing Roof Edge Protection KEEGUARD Lite is the Aluminium safety solution for free standing roof edge protection, a lightweight alternative to the standard KEEGUARD system. KEEGUARD Lite is supplied in prefabricated kit form, with the uprights, rails and fittings manufactured in Aluminium, grub screws supplied in Stainless Steel and recycled PVC base weights. The lightweight system can be installed with minimal effort, thus saving time and money during on-site installation. KeeGuard® Lite for Use when Secondary Restraint is Available • Aluminium rails and uprights •...

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Free Standing Folding Roof Edge Protection When collective protection is the preferred method of providing a safe working environment but it is not desirable to have railings permanently visible on the roofline of a building, KEEGUARD Foldshield provides an ideal solution. Designed for use on slopes up to 10 degrees, this folding system is suitable for use on asphalt, concrete, mineral felt or PVC sheet covered roofs and complies with the requirements of EN 13374. Utilising a hinged version of the standard KEEGUARD base fitting, shown below, the guardrail can easily be lifted into place...

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An Additional Support Prop A Typical KeeGuard® Foldshield Restrained Configuration Roof Edge Protection for Standing Seam and Metal Profile Roofs KEEGUARD Topfix provides a simple solution when collective protection is the preferred safety option for metal profile and standing seam roofs up to 45 degree pitch. The specially designed powder coated base plate, which incorporates multiple fixing centres, allows installation to a wide range of popular roofs. Being an ‘off the shelf’ product, specification is simpler and it also removes the need to fabricate a different solution for each site,...

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Roof Edge Protection for Standing Seam and Metal Profile Roofs Features • Suits a wide range of metal profile and standing seam roofs • Modular prefabricated ‘off the shelf’ system • Galvanised or Aluminium options • Complies with the test requirements of BS EN 14122 part 3 and EN 13374 Class A. Benefits • A collective protection solution for metal roofs A Typical KeeGuard® Topfix Layout • Easier specification means less site visits • Fast installation, saving time and money • Non-penetrative solution for standing seam roofs • Watertight fixings for metal profile roofs. This is a typical...

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