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BeamClamp Floor Fixings

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Gratefix Grating Clip Floorfix HT has been tested for vibration conditions to simulate the most common applications where the fixings would be used e.g. walkways, machine shops and press shops. Please ask our technical department for a copy of the certificate should you require this. THE FLOORFIX HT has been developed following customer feedback to provide a fixing with increased functionality to suit a wider range of applications. Floorfix HT is designed to fix flooring plate to supporting steelwork from the topside only without the need for time consuming on site drilling, tapping, bolting or welding. It works on a cam mechanism that can be operated using a basic hexagon key drive. Floorfix • Allows for +/- 6mm construction tolerance • Can fix up to 25mm thick steel as standard • Hot Dip Galvanised finish as standard • Easily installed from the top side only • No drilling, no tapping or welding required • Allows easy repositioning or lifting of floor plate • No special tools or skilled labour required • No access to the underside required • Tested for vibration conditions at TUV HT is so named because it allows steel erectors a high degree of tolerance, it retains all the benefits of our widely renowned original design but is far more user friendly. FloorfixHT allows for floor plates to be fixed to new steelwork that is erected within +/- 6mm of its intended position. It is capable of fixing to steel flanges from 3 to 25mm without the need for additional packing pieces. * Mechanical Galvanised Malleable Iron • Stainless Steel Grade 304 • Easily installed from the top side only • No drilling, no tapping or welding required • Allows easy repositioning or lifting of grating * No special tools or skilled labour required * No access to the underside required • Tested for vibration conditions at TUV THE GRATEFIX is a heavy-duty fixing that allows open floor grating to be fixed to the supporting steelwork from the topside only. The Grate-fix features a cast bottom piece that provides additional strength to clamp on to the steelwork flange. The Gratefix is available in several different styles to suit the grating dimensions and the application. A mechanical galvanised M10 version is available with a symmetrical top bracket to suit 30mm ctrs grating or with an offset bracket to suit 30-41mm ctrs grating most commonly found in the UK. The M08 version is also available in grade 304 stainless steel with a top bracket to suit 30mm ctrs. Pressed Top Bracket - Stainless steel to EN 10088 Grade 1.4301 (AISI 304) Cast Bottom Bracket - Stainless Steel to ASTM A743 Grade CF-8 (S30400) Pressed Top bracket - Material: Mild steel to EN 10025 grade S275 Cast Bottom Bracket - Material: Malleable iron to BS 1562: Grade EN-GJMB-300-06 Both finished in: Mechanical Galv to ASTM B695 THE GRATING CLIP is the most common style of clip used for fixing down open steel flooring in the UK. It provides a quick and cost effective method of fixing. It is Hot Dip Galvanised and comes as standard with a top bracket to suit 30-41mm ctrs grating bars. Note 1 We would recommend using the M12 version when vibration conditions are incurred as this can be tightened to a higher torque. Step 1 Assemble the Floorfix HT to the underside of the floor plate making sure the markings “THIS WAY UP” are facing it. Loosely tighten the bolt making sure the flat edge of the fixing is in line with the edge of the steelwork it is going to fix to. Note 2 If the steelwork being connected to is thicker than 25mm then we can supply packers and a longer bolt to increase the fixing range. 1 © BEAMCLAMP 2008 © BEAMCLAMP 2008 2 © BEAMCLAMP 20

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Gratefix Installation Instructions Floor Fixings Testing As previously mentioned the Floorfix HT and Gratefix have been tested in conditions to simulate the typical applications of these fixings. Horizontal Axis Test Vertical Axis Test Step 2 Slide the Gratefix towards the steelwork flange as far as it will and ensure the top bracket sits on to the load bearing bars. conditions. The test set-up can be seen below, the certificates are The fixings were tested for performance in both vertical and horizontal Step 1 Pass the bottom casting through the open part of the grating axis to ensure they...

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