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Controls I/O and drives >
KePlast control systems are future-proof as they combinethe classic strengths of PLC technology consisting of
real-time operation, suitability for industrial use and
stability, with modern computer technologies such as
Ethernet and USB, as well as the platform independence
of the Java programming language.The PC-based hardware architecture offers high levelsof technological security, the shortest possible time to
market, but also protects investments for years to
come. The functional scope of every KePlast control system
can be simply supplemented by plugging in a choice
of additional analog, digital, temperature measurement
and communication I/O modules. Further serial links
and various field bus connections, including SERCOS,
EtherCAT, CAN and PROFIBUS can be realized via
the communications module. The SERCOS real-time
Ethernet interface enables linkage to KEBA KeDrive
servo drives, or drives from other leading manufacturers. Operation andvisualisation Tools >
KePlast control systems contain an extensive selection
of tools for service, process data logging and quality
supervision within the scope of supply. The KePlast
EasyNet control stand solution provides central data
saving, machine monitoring and servicing. The KePlast
AppCo assistant facilitates the efficient compilation of
machine applications without programming, while owing
to interactive KePlast EasyMold software, the correct
machine settings for a new mold can be determined in
a very short time. Depending on requirements, a selection can be madefrom various TFT displays in both vertical and horizontal
formats. Operation takes place using a film keyboard
or touch screen. In addition to these stationary operating
and visualization possibilities, KeTop is available as a
mobile alternative for maximum freedom of movement. 7 size="-2">

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    KePlast overview i The KePlast branch solution 4 Hard- and software 6 One software for every performance category 8 The KePlast...
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    Initialconsulting Projection Training Life cyclemanagement Consulting Implementation Support Start-up >4 size="-1">
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    The branch solutionfor plastics machineryautomation KePlast control systems have been speciallydeveloped for use in plastics machinery. The rangecovers...
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    Hard- andsoftware The KePlast series consists of hard- and softwaresolutions developed for the plastics branch on thebasis of standard components from...
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    Irrespective of whether single board computers or complex modular systems, hydraulic, hybrid or fullyelectric injection molding machines are involved,...
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    f One software for enhanced effectiveness
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    The KePlast product range KePlast control systems cover a completeequipment range from simple hydraulic injectionmolding machines to complex multi-componentunits...
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    KePlast i2000 KePlast i5000 >As opposed to the single-board computer, i2000 serieshardware is of modular design and can be extendedvia module groups...
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    An economicsolution Favourably priced i1000 series KePlast controlsystems have been specially developed forstandard hydraulic injection molding machines.As...
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