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The branch solutionfor plastics machinery

KePlast control systems have been speciallydeveloped for use in plastics machinery. The range
covers the complete spectrum of applications
from simple hydraulic and fully electric injection
molding machines, to complex multi-component
plants with handling robots. >

A uniform concept

All machines are designed on a uniform basis,
irrespective of whether they are hydraulic, hybrid or fully
electric. The end result is injection molding machinery
that stands out due to:
Uniform project design
ՕUniform look and feel
Uniform diagnosis and maintenance >

One-stop shoppingapproach Best value for money

The control and electric drive technology of injection
molding machines are optimized to meet the respective
application. With the help of innovative solutions from
the scalable KePlast series, expensive under- and over-
sizing are a thing of the past. KEBA offers a perfect service, which fulfils everyrequirement from initial consulting, system design and
installation, to training and maintenance. >
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    KePlast The optimized automation solutionfor plastics machinery >
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    KePlast overview i The KePlast branch solution 4 Hard- and software 6 One software for every performance category 8 The KePlast...
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    3 >
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    Initialconsulting Projection Training Life cyclemanagement Consulting Implementation Support Start-up >4 size="-1">
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    Hard- andsoftware The KePlast series consists of hard- and softwaresolutions developed for the plastics branch on thebasis of standard components from...
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    Controls I/O and drives >KePlast control systems are future-proof as they combinethe classic strengths of PLC technology consisting ofreal-time operation,...
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    Irrespective of whether single board computers or complex modular systems, hydraulic, hybrid or fullyelectric injection molding machines are involved,...
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    f One software for enhanced effectiveness
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    The KePlast product range KePlast control systems cover a completeequipment range from simple hydraulic injectionmolding machines to complex multi-componentunits...
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