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Status data for allmachines at a glance

Using KePlast EasyNet, the operator can obtain a clearoverview of all settings and the production status of
the entire machinery at a glance. In addition, KePlast
EasyNet also combines quality and tool data of every
machine centrally on the control stand PC. >

Uniform operation

The user surface on the control stand PC is identical
with that on the machine, which means that training is
not needed and work can commence immediately. >

KePlast EasyNet centralmachine management on
the control stand PC Optimum datamanagement

KePlast EasyNet facilitates a considerable improvementin machine hall data management. KePlast EasyNet is a simple, user-friendly programfor the favourably priced networking of injection
molding machines, which runs on the PC control
stand and is ideally suited to central data
acquisition and backup. Central machine data management Central quality data management A clear and central machine data overview is available
and can be retrieved quickly and simply. Time is saved
due to the possibility for the transfer of previously proven
parameters from the control stand to the machine. The collation of quality data from every machine facilitates
evaluation at any time and safe archiving. >

Efficient use ofworking time

KePlast EasyNet greatly simplifies the monitoring ofmachines in a hall. Supervisory tours of the machine
hall are reduced and working time is saved. >
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    During the preparation of control applications indialog form, the ergonomic KePlast ApplicationComposer software tool guides the machinemanufacturer through...
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    KePlast AppCo the assistant for fastest-possibleapplication building Programming know-howin software form Reduced trainingexpenditure While the operator...
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    KePlast EasyMold the assistant for ultra-briefmold setups KePlast EasyMold is an interactive software toolfor the rapid definition of correct machine settingsfor...
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    Guided operation Shortest possible start-upprocedure The assistant guides the operator to the correct settingof the machine parameters by means of simple...
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    Everything insight, everythingunder control KePlast visualisationsoftware Uniform surfaces The user surface is identical for every type of machineand...
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    A complete, one-stop shoppingautomation solution in justtwo simple steps!Ӕ 22 >
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    Specific branch fine tuning A modular system With our assistance, you first select the basic elements for your automation solution from...
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    KeMobile KeMotion offers systems solutions with KeTop,the proven, mobile handheld terminal, as a nucleus.The operating device is characterized by specialergonomics,...
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    The technology experts foroptimized branch solutions Leading international mechanical engineering groups,robot manufacturers and service suppliers all...
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    Subject to changes, in terms of continuing technical development, without prior notice. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information....
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