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Top-class controls Mature safety technology >
The control systems of the i2000 and i5000 series standout due to their precision and high productivity, and
ensure economic energy consumption. Precision is
provided by fast controller cycle times, while increasedproductivity can be achieved due to the outstanding
performance of the controls using movement
parallelisation. KePlast offers a comprehensive safety solution for fully
electric injection molding machines, which consists of
integrated drive safety functions and a safety module.
In addition to effective protection for both man and
machinery, its straightforward design ensures robustness
with regard to defects. Moreover, installation times are
effectively reduced, thus creating cost savings. In
combination with the especially high degree of safety
functionality already inherent to KePlast, the entire
machine can be easily certificated in line with all standard
safety norms. High-performance drivetechnology >
KeDrive D4 and D6 drive systems are available for fullyelectric injection molding machines. The drives are cost-
efficient and with up to 350 A current peaks offer
especially high dynamism levels. In addition, they are
extremely economic to operate as they have an active
front end and can provide an energy balance via a
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    The KePlast product range KePlast control systems cover a completeequipment range from simple hydraulic injectionmolding machines to complex multi-componentunits...
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    KePlast i2000 KePlast i5000 >As opposed to the single-board computer, i2000 serieshardware is of modular design and can be extendedvia module groups...
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    An economicsolution Favourably priced i1000 series KePlast controlsystems have been specially developed forstandard hydraulic injection molding machines.As...
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    HMI/Visualisation Process functions Integrated graphic processor for the direct connectionof various panels (8 and 12ӓ)Comfortable, complete operating...
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    The complete, performance-optimized package for fully electricinjection molding machines With the i2000 and i5000 solutions, KePlast offers a complete...
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    During the preparation of control applications indialog form, the ergonomic KePlast ApplicationComposer software tool guides the machinemanufacturer through...
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    KePlast AppCo the assistant for fastest-possibleapplication building Programming know-howin software form Reduced trainingexpenditure While the operator...
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    KePlast EasyMold the assistant for ultra-briefmold setups KePlast EasyMold is an interactive software toolfor the rapid definition of correct machine settingsfor...
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    Guided operation Shortest possible start-upprocedure The assistant guides the operator to the correct settingof the machine parameters by means of simple...
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    Everything insight, everythingunder control KePlast visualisationsoftware Uniform surfaces The user surface is identical for every type of machineand...
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