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HMI/Visualisation Process functions

Integrated graphic processor for the direct connection
of various panels (8 and 12ӓ)Comfortable, complete operating surface for injectionmolding machinesSPC functions
Injection diagram
Quality data logging
Integrated service pages Closed loop controlled injection process withautomatic tuningAutomatic calibration
Multi-channel closed loop temperature control withautomatic tuningEuromap 12/67 robot interface
Integrated hot runner controller >


Powerful 32-bit processor
All I/Os for standard injection molding machines
PWM power outlets for the direct control ofproportional valvesOptimized digital outlets for hydraulic control valves Thermo-element inputs for J-, K- or L-sensors
Impulse input for screw speed
Ethernet connection for the host computer
USB connection for printer, modem, USB stick, etc. >

European brand quality

Due to its powerful computer core, this high-qualityseries has a full real time capability and therefore
represents an economy control system featuring a
closed-loop injection process. The compact control
system can be integrated into a centralized control
system concept and the machine data administered
via a PC.

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    Irrespective of whether single board computers or complex modular systems, hydraulic, hybrid or fullyelectric injection molding machines are involved,...
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    f One software for enhanced effectiveness
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    The KePlast product range KePlast control systems cover a completeequipment range from simple hydraulic injectionmolding machines to complex multi-componentunits...
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    KePlast i2000 KePlast i5000 >As opposed to the single-board computer, i2000 serieshardware is of modular design and can be extendedvia module groups...
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    An economicsolution Favourably priced i1000 series KePlast controlsystems have been specially developed forstandard hydraulic injection molding machines.As...
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    The complete, performance-optimized package for fully electricinjection molding machines With the i2000 and i5000 solutions, KePlast offers a complete...
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    Top-class controls Mature safety technology >The control systems of the i2000 and i5000 series standout due to their precision and high productivity,...
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    During the preparation of control applications indialog form, the ergonomic KePlast ApplicationComposer software tool guides the machinemanufacturer through...
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    KePlast AppCo the assistant for fastest-possibleapplication building Programming know-howin software form Reduced trainingexpenditure While the operator...
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    KePlast EasyMold the assistant for ultra-briefmold setups KePlast EasyMold is an interactive software toolfor the rapid definition of correct machine settingsfor...
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