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KePlast i2000 KePlast i5000 >
As opposed to the single-board computer, i2000 serieshardware is of modular design and can be extended
via module groups or the integrated CAN bus.For hydraulic, hybrid and fully electric injectionmolding machinesՕModular hardware on an Intel-Celeron basis
8 to 12Փ TFT displays
Touch screen operation
ՕSeamless integration of KeDrive drives
Comprehensive quality data package
ՕSimple enlargement using module groups
Application package for fully electric injectionmolding machines i5000 series control solutions offer top computing
performance and maximum flexibility. They are of
modular design, provide complete scalability and can
be combined with panels of differing display sizes.ՕFor hydraulic, hybrid and fully electric high end singleor multi component injection molding machinesModular, Intel Pentium M based hardware with multi-CPU capacityՕ12 to 15 TFT displays in vertical and horizontal formatsӕTouch screen operation
Integrated control for handling robots
ՕComfortable user registration with RFID 11 size="-2">

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    Hard- andsoftware The KePlast series consists of hard- and softwaresolutions developed for the plastics branch on thebasis of standard components from...
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    Controls I/O and drives >KePlast control systems are future-proof as they combinethe classic strengths of PLC technology consisting ofreal-time operation,...
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    Irrespective of whether single board computers or complex modular systems, hydraulic, hybrid or fullyelectric injection molding machines are involved,...
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    f One software for enhanced effectiveness
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    The KePlast product range KePlast control systems cover a completeequipment range from simple hydraulic injectionmolding machines to complex multi-componentunits...
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    An economicsolution Favourably priced i1000 series KePlast controlsystems have been specially developed forstandard hydraulic injection molding machines.As...
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    HMI/Visualisation Process functions Integrated graphic processor for the direct connectionof various panels (8 and 12ӓ)Comfortable, complete operating...
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    The complete, performance-optimized package for fully electricinjection molding machines With the i2000 and i5000 solutions, KePlast offers a complete...
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    Top-class controls Mature safety technology >The control systems of the i2000 and i5000 series standout due to their precision and high productivity,...
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    During the preparation of control applications indialog form, the ergonomic KePlast ApplicationComposer software tool guides the machinemanufacturer through...
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