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Catalogue excerpts

Mobile automation from the technology experts KeMobile

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The KeMobile operating solution 4 KeMobile systems 6 Ergonomics and design 8 Maximum robustness 10 Hard- and software flexibility 12 KEBA – the technology experts for 14 optimized branch solutions 2 KeMobile overview

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4 With KeMobile, KEBA offers turnkey systems solutions based on the proven KeTop mobile, hand-held terminal. The devices are characterized by special ergonomics, exceptional robustness and top quality technology in an attractive design. On request, the functional scope can be individually modified, software and interfaces brought into line, and the panels matched to the corporate design of the customer. New mobile automation benchmarks One-stop shopping KEBA offers its customers first class service, which goes far beyond pure equipment delivery. Indeed, KeMobile covers everything from initial...

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5 Mature top products Over more than two decades, KeTop has matured into a top product that has no competition. For as a result of extensive experience and application knowhow from the mechanical engineering and robotics sectors, it offers an unparalleled range of features: • Exceptional robustness for applications under the toughest conditions • Excellent ergonomics for unlimited, fatigue-free operation • Long-term availability due to the use of tried and tested components • Maximum flexibility through on-the-spot operation • High safety levels as evidenced by certification according to current...

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6 KeMobile systems are ideally suited to a variety of tasks, which can extend from use as an operating device for machines and plants, a teach and programming panel for robots, or for testing, servicing and maintenance. Moreover, if to date mobile operating devices were mostly employed as a supplement to stationary operating stations, the latter can now be frequently replaced by KeTop handhelds. KeMobile systems solutions are based on T2 series KeTop operating devices with connection cable, terminal box and wall brackets. The systems are offered in a selection of the most popular variations, which...

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7 KeMobile m3000 The heart of the m3000 system solution is formed by the powerful KeTop T50, which is suitable for universal applications. The terminal has a high-contrast 6.5” TFT VGA display, which is suitable for the clear and comprehensive presentation and programming of complex processes. KeMobile m4000 The mobile KeTop T100 high-performance terminal provides the center piece of the KeMobile m4000 highend solution. Thanks to its high-definition SVGA display and Ethernet interface, this covers high visualisation needs and the high-performance demands relating to complex processes. The ideal...

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Intelligent design for maximum ergonomics Ergonomic operation was a major priority during the development of the mobile hand-held terminals. As a result, users can carry the device for an entire shift on their arms without any problems or fatigue and thus concentrate fully on the production process. Efficient, error-free operation As a result of their low weight and round design, which allows pleasant, low-fatigue carrying on the forearm, KeTop hand-held operating devices can easily be used over extended periods. Operators can focus fully on the production process with the result that fewer errors...

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Individual versions for optimized working Various operating elements such as joysticks, hand wheels and key switches are available in order to match operation to individual conditions. This promotes a higher degree of working precision and simplicity. A touchscreen facilitates inputs, while efficiency is increased further by the individually optimized keyboard layout. High-contrast TFT display Emergency stop button Three-position enabling switches Key switch Hand wheel 9

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10 Mobile operating devices for industrial purposes must be of robust design. They can collide with hard objects, or come into contact with lubricants. Accordingly, KeTop hand-held operating devices are designed to withstand such impacts and remain fully functional. Maximum availability after every impact As a result of round, double-wall housing design and impact-elastic display suspension, KeTops remain intact even when dropped from a height of 1.5 m. As a result, machine operation can continue and standstills can be effectively avoided. Safe shell concept Shock-proof Resistant

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11 Durable design for industrial applications KeTop hand-held operating devices prove their worth on a daily basis under tough industrial conditions. Welding splashes, dust, water and high temperatures are no problem and the terminals are also resistant to oil, grease and cleaning agents. Standard safety features All the safety-related circuits in the hand-held operating device are of twin design and thus guarantee a high standard of single fault tolerance. The threeposition enabling switches can be operated lightly and therefore recognize user cramp and panic reactions. In response, machinery...

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Mobile operating devices from KEBA consist of far more than just a processor, a touch display and a housing. Operational efficiency can be raised due to the possibilities for individual adjustments and the trademarks of the manufacturer be underlined. 12 Individual design Operation can be greatly simplified through colour and textual adjustments to the keyboard. Further improvements in efficiency can be achieved by modifications to the number, size and arrangement of the keys and the user-defined symbolism. The device can also be matched to the corporate design of the customer, which allows the...

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13 Efficient visualisation Together with the .NET compact framework and the Java framework, the Windows CE and VxWorks operating systems provide the ideal basis for the creation of powerful rich client applications. During the development of the Windows application, the programmer can choose between Visual Studio (C++, C# and Visual Basic) and standard GUI builders. KeStudio ViewBasic (XML) or KeStudio ViewStandard (Java) are available for VxWorks visualisations. Naturally, these applications allow the graphic user interface to be simply adapted to the corporate design. Ideal SCADA solution Thin...

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