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s ive Lifting Solution

Heavy duty brakes SM Winches are normally equipped withheavy duty electro-magnetic disk brakes.Brakes are connected directly to the
motor shaft. Safe closure is attained by
spring force, ensuring operation of thebrake during power failure. A secondsafety disc type brake or (optionally) ashoe brake can be added if required. Motors KCI Konecranes electric crane motorsare specially designed for heavy dutyhoisting applications. The hoist motor
sizes for DynAHoist frequency controlsrange from 15 kW to 132 kW and forACE thyristor controls from 15 kW to
90 kW.The modular construction of SM Win-ches allows either one or two main hoistmotors to be combined on the same
machine, using a differential input shaft.
Alternatively, a separate micro-speedmachinery (100% ED) is available.All motors are IEC standard flange-mounted, with class F insulation. The
protection class may be either IP54 orIP55 depending on the site require-ments. Rope drum bearings Two high-capacity ball bearings sup-port the drum at the gearbox end. At
the opposite end, a non-rotating shaft
supports the drum through a self-alig-ning roller bearing in the drum end flan-ge. This unique arrangement eliminatesdrum shaft fatigue failures. >

Disc brake
Six wheelbogie construction
Geared coupling

Hoisting gears Gears are helical, carburized and har-dened to 60 RC, precision-ground toDIN7 (AGMA 10) quality, and are oil bathlubricated. Very large capacity SM
1000-1100 Winches have a planetaryfinal reduction step. >

Lubrication pointscollected to groups
DynAC frequency controlfor horizontal movements
SWM Safe Working Monitor

Geared coupling The hoist gearbox is connected to thedrum by a flexible two-stage gearedcoupling. The coupling type allows dy-
namic bending and movement of thedrum, without the common fatigue fai-lures. Traversing machineries A hollow shaft gearbox is mounted di-rectly onto the trolley drive axle. The pri-mary end of the gearbox is supported
by a flexible shock-absorbing torquearm. A wide range of flange-mountedmotor types is available. Extended Speed Range (ESR) Bogie construction The use of KCI Konecranes DynAHoistfrequency controls enables the use ofthe ESR option. This feature allows
operation at speeds up to 200% ofnominal with reduced load (maximumof 20% of rated load). Bogie trolley wheel construction allowsbetter distribution of loads to wheelsand cranes girders. In the SM700-1100range, a six-wheel bogie constructionresults in a lighter bridge structure, lessfatigue, less wear and longer life. Auxiliary hoist An auxiliary hoist can be provided byadding a special tow trolley. The towtrolley is connected to the main unit bypinned connections. This arrangement
ensures optimal hook approaches. >

Auxiliary hoist

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    Sm Winch ] KONECRANES
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    SM Winch - The Comprehe n Optional rope guide > The Spacemaker SM Winchfrom KCI Konecranes providesa lifting solution for any in-dustry and every crane...
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    SM Winch - meeting the U The technology behind the SM Winch closely parallel developments in industrial materials handling processes, namely...
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    nique Needs of Each Job Serial production provides flexibility Serial production of SM Winches, ending with full load factory testing of every...
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    Superior Winches fo r e SM Winches copewith every environ-ment and applica-tion. The winch canbe an integrated,intelligent work-horse of the indus-trial...
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    Waste-to-energy plants: Here, the main task of awinch is to move fuel(waste) from the storage pitto the furnace hoppers.Furnace operation is de-pendent...
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    KCI Winch Range SM600-SM1100 standard winch >paper millspower stationssteel storagesgeneral manufacturingwaste-to-energy plantscar industrycoil handlingservice...
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