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Catalogue excerpts

Since our establishment, we have always aimed high, and consequently, have set ail our investments to achieve thse goals on quality, service, and on being customer oriented. At Kastas, we provide high quality and reliable solutions to many diffrent sectors around the world. Today, we continue our investments with the same team spirit, quality culture, and d詩termination. We acknowledge being a successful organization as the key factor in achieving our goals, and are producing innovative solutions with our customers, distributors, and suppliers. We offer solutions with excellent services and comptitive prices. Kastas has "Analyzing today sealing needs of tomorrow" as its motto, and we undertake regular research and development, create innovative designs, and provide the best solutions to our customers. @KASTA$ Haydar Atilgan

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"Your productivity partner" @KSTA KASTAS KAUUK SAN. VE TiC. A.S. Atatǻrk Organize SanayiBolgesi, 10001 Sokak, No.19 35620 igli- izmir / TURKEY Ǖ Tel. +90 232 376 88 26(pbx) Fax. +90 232 376 87 57 Օ Kastas Kaucuk Europe GmbH Schleswiger Damm 129 A22457 Hamburg - GERMANY Tel. +49 40 181 2060 50 Օ Fax. +49 40 181 2060 55

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