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Fabric Type TBR-400

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ADVANCED BASALT FIBER Basalt Woven Fabric Technical Data Sheet TBR - basalt roving fabric 400 - surface density [g/sqm] Woven fabric of high chemical (acidic and subalkali or cement) and thermal resistance are made of basalt rovings or twisted yarns with epoxy-compatible sizing. The sizing is designed to ensure the fabric compatibility with epoxy matrix and good handling and mechanical properties of the fabric. Besides standard epoxy-compatible sizing (KV-12), fabric with multi-compatible sizing (KV-11-epoxy and polyester and vinyl-ester) could be produced on request*. Basalt fabrics could be used in different compositions for fire, sound and heat protection, in laminates production, in construction elements and equipment - as a replacement to E-glass fabrics. Normative Values Basalt fiber Dubna, 141980, P.O.Box 180, Moscow region, Russia e-mail: info@basfiber.com, www.basfiber.com

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Basalt Woven Fabric Technical Data Sheet ADVANCED BASALT FIBER Product storage and stability over time: Basalt fabrics should be stored in the original package at the stock (indoor conditions). Rolls should be placed parallel to each other. Warranty storage period of basalt fabrics is 2 year since the date of production (in case the required conditions are ensured). Packaging: Fabric rolls could be supplied on a wooden or plastic tube*** (tube diameter is 110 mm), the beginning of the fabric is fastened on a tube at the weft yarn. The length of the roll is 80 m (for 1 m width) or 50 m (for...

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