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BCF KV13 assembled_TDS_eng

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KV13 Roving series Roving nomenclature. Example: BCF 13-1200-KV13 Int. BCF - basalt continuous filaments. 13 - monofilament diameter [μm]. 1200 - linear density [tex]. KV13 – type of sizing. Int./Ext – type of bobbins. Int. – bobbin for internal unwinding (tubeless). Ext. – bobbin for external unwinding, wound on a tube with 76 mm internal diameter and 270mm length. Processing. Basalt roving of this series is mainly recommended for production of rebars, scrim, fabrics and other products for construction application. Product description. Property Type of fiber Monofilament diameter [ m] Linear density [tex] Type of sizing Sizing content (% wt.) Matrix compatibility Moisture content (% wt.) Description Basalt 13-17 300-4800 silane ≥0.4 Concrete, epoxy, phenolic, acrylate <0.1

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Mechanical properties. Properties in epoxy impregnated strand (ASTM D2343) Tensile strength, MPa for 300-900 tex 3000-3200 for 1200-1600 tex 2800-3000 Tensile modulus, GPa 85-90 Tensile strength of dry fiber (ASTM D3822) Tensile strength, mN/tex ≥650 for 13-16 m ≥550 for 17-19 m Applications. Manufacturing of products for concrete reinforcement and other applications on construction market. Packaging information. Type of bobbins Bobbin for internal unwinding Bobbin for external unwinding Roving is supplied on a 120x80 cm pallet with 2-4 layers, each bobbin is wrapped in thermo retractable...

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