Basalt fibers for Geogrids, Geotextile & Stucco nets - 2 Pages

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Basalt fibers for Geogrids, Geotextile & Stucco nets

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Geotextile, Geogrids & Stucco Nets Our advanced basalt fibers show 15-20% higher tensile strength and modulus, better chemical resistance, extended operating temperature range than regular E glass, getting close to high strength and corrosion resistant fibers but being less expensive. Advanced basalt fibers for… Comparison of basalt and glass fibers The highest long-term operation temperature of basalt fibers is 560°C. Hence, typical paving temperatures will not cause any loss of strength or distortion which may occur with synthetic material. - If your road overlay shows serious cracking after heavy traffic, our basalt fibers help you to prolong life of your pavement - If your concrete walls require renovation and you would like to keep them new for a very long time, you need our basalt fiber Tensile strength of single filament (ASTM D2101) 0 1000 4000-4300 4350-3800 MPa 3500 450-600 2000 3000 4000 5000 Basalt fiber Kamenny Vek E glass AR - glass Polypropylene Tensile modulus of single filament (ASTM D2101) 0 20 84-87 72-76 GPa 72 13 40 60 80 100 Basalt fiber Kamenny Vek E glass AR - glass Polypropylene

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Advanced basalt fibers for… Basalt reinforcing mesh is designed for reinforcing road and highway overlays to prolong the pavement life span by reducing the effects of reflective cracking caused by traffic loading, age hardening and temperature cycling. Pavement life between maintenance can be prolonged significantly. Basalt reinforcing mesh make it possible to reduce thickness of asphalt concrete pavement up to 20%. For civil engineering: - High strength and chemical resistant basalt roving for concrete reinforcing bars, load-bearing profiles and pultruded gratings; - Chemical resistant...

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