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Basalt fibers for Friction materials

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Advanced basalt fibers for… Friction Materials Our advanced basalt fibers show 15-20% higher tensile strength and modulus, better chemical resistance, extended operating temperature range than regular E glass, getting close to high strength and corrosion resistant fibers but being less expensive. Comparison of basalt and glass fibers - If you need to replace asbestos in your friction materials, our basalt fiber is the best solution for this - If you are forced to change your glass filled brake pads very frequently or your your brakes do not work properly under high loading, you need brake pads based on our basalt fiber Basalt fiber (Kamenny Vek) E glass 4000-4300 84-87 3450-3800 72-76 Basalt fiber (Kamenny Vek) E glass -260 up to +560 0.031-0.038 -60 up to +460 0.034-0.04 After exposition under 400°C the basalt fibers lose only 20% of their initial strength, while strength of E glass under the same conditions drops substantially - more than 50%. Friction materials based on basalt fiber have better and more stable friction coefficient and longer life than other ones. Properties of single filaments (ASTM D2101) Tensile strength, MPa Tensile modulus, GPa Thermal properties Application temperature, °C Heat conductivity, W/(m.°K)

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Monofilament diameter [ m] Cut length [mm] Sizing compatibility Sizing content [% wt] Moisture content [% wt] 13-17 3/6/9/…/75 phenolic 0.4-0.6 <0.3 Advanced basalt fibers for… Product description tel.: +7 (095) 196 8852 tel./fax: +7 (095) 196 3914 e-mail: Dubna, 141980, Moscow region Russian Federation, P.O.Box 180 Kamenny Vek company offers special basalt chopped strand for phenolic resin compositions. This product is mostly recommended for manufacture of friction materials. In case of different application, special sizing compositions are also possible...

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