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Basalt fibers for Fire protection, heat & sound insulations

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Fire Protection, Heat & Sound Insulation Our advanced basalt fibers show 15-20% higher tensile strength and modulus, better chemical resistance, extended operating temperature range than regular E glass, getting close to high strength and corrosion resistant fibers but being less expensive. Advanced basalt fibers for… 3450-3800 Mechanical properties Basalt fiber (Kamenny Vek) Tensile strength of dry fiber (ASTM D3822), mN/tex 600-730 E glass 350-500 Tensile strength of single filaments (ASTM D2101), MPa 4000-4300 Tensile modulus of single filaments (ASTM D2101), GPa 84-87 72-76 up to +550 Thermal properties Basalt fiber (Kamenny Vek) Application temperature, °C -260 up to +560 E glass -60 up to +460 Short-term maximum operation temperature, °C up to +700 Heat conductivity, W/(m.°K) 0.031-0.038 0.034-0.04 Comparison of basalt and glass fibers Basalt fibers have better sound insulation properties than glass fibers. Hence, with interior based on basalt fiber you will feel yourself more comfortable. The dielectric properties of basalt fibers are equal to ones of glass fibers. So, switch from glass to basalt does not change radar transparency of construction. After exposition under 400°C the basalt fibers lose only 20% of their initial strength, while strength of E glass under the same conditions drops substantially - more than 50%. - If you are interested in better fire protection and 150°C higher heat resistance than with E glass materials but less expensive than silica, you need fabrics from our basalt fiber - If you need reliability, you will get it using materials made of our basalt fiber

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Advanced basalt fibers for… Kamenny Vek can provide various types of yarns and woven fabrics. We are open for collaboration in manufacturing of special design fabrics and braided sleeves. Our R&D team is ready to work and satisfy various customer requirements. For automotive industry: - High strength basalt roving for filament winding of CNG cylinders and for SMC/BMC technology; - Basalt chopped strand for BMC technology and for production of frictional materials; - Special basalt wet chopped strand for production of mats and veils which are applied in cars interior. For civil engineering:...

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