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Catalogue excerpts

Fasteners Kaiser Style. Standard and drawn parts, special solutions

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”The shortest distance between two points … is always under construction.” A sentiment that surely every driver can appreciate. But given our 40 years of experience in fastening technology, we also know that "construction sites", by which we mean time-consuming and costly repairs or even downtimes, are the result of declining quality of the materials used. That is why, for the past 40 years, we have been delivering perfectly fitting fastening technologies and parts produced from drawings according to individual needs. This ensures the permanent stability and strength of our products. Be it in...

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Fasteners are our element. Kaiser – The interview Quality standards Industry-specific solutions Standard parts Parts from drawings Service benefits

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Günter Kaiser Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter Seven questions for Kaiser ”It inspires me to deliver to customers who hold high demands on our products.” Kaiserspezial has been delivering high quality fastening technologies for many different industries for more than 40 years. From the simple screw to parts made from special materials according to technical drawings, you will find Kaiserspezial fasteners in use in major industrial and assembly companies around the world. In “seven questions for Kaiser”, CEO Günter Kaiser reveals what makes the company stand out, what the range holds in store...

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3 Fastening technology is a broad field. Your range includes various standard parts such as stud bolts and hex bolts. Do you also offer custom-made parts? Yes. “Kaiserspezial” stands not only for rapidity and flexibility but also, and in particular, for the delivery of individually manufactured parts. That is in fact one of our most exciting challenges. Our customers provide the drawing of the item they want, often stating specific requirements for materials, shapes, dimensions and documents, and our task is to deliver that on time, to utmost precision and along with all related documents, such...

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6 It is an economic credo that if you stand still, you go backwards. What are your plans for the future? Ironically, I could say that standing still is not always moving backwards, since the industries we serve quite often come to a standstill, and it is during those times that we are in demand. It is namely during periods of standstill when our customers undertake repairs, revisions or maintenance, and need our wares as quickly as possible. It is not uncommon in such cases for us to be available to our customers 24 hours a day, and to deliver the articles they need directly to the construction...

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QUALITY STANDARDS KAISER OFFERS Certification General testing • Bending / folding tests • Hardness tests • Pressure Equipment • Notched-bar impact tests • Bolt head impact tests • Germanischer Lloyd • Proof force and proof load tests • Bureau Veritas • Oblique tensile tests • Hot tensile tests • Tensile tests • Creep tests • IK-tests • Grain structure analyses including grinding and photographs

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For us, DIN is the minimum requirement “If you don’t go forwards, you go backwards” – a well-known credo in economics. For us, the same goes for the quality of our products and even our relations with people and business partners. Constant optimization of the production processes is the most important factor to ensure our customers not only gain an absolutely top product “here and now”, but also continue to receive and work with innovative fastening technologies well into the future. Regular certifications are essential for quality-oriented production. That is why we deliver products with certificates...

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Materials, Kaiser Style Kaiser holds a wide range of materials and varieties ready for use. The materials are always selected for perfect compatibility and, together, create a product that satisfies the highest demands on quality. We observe not only standards, but also individual customer wishes: From creep-resistant steels, to stainless and acid-free steels, to special materials and nonferrous metals, we offer our customers a large selection of application-oriented materials. KAISER MATERIALS OVERVIEW Steels and nickel alloys for use Quenched and tempered steels Non-alloyed structural steels

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INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS A specialist in every area The industrial diversity is huge in Germany. This specialization is what makes Germany such an exciting economic location. And just as special companies exist, we deliver special fastening technology in first-rate quality – and have been doing so for more than 40 years. The spectrum of our product solutions is used not only in plant and equipment construction, the chemical and petrochemical industry, and mechanical and automotive engineering. Kaiserspezial fasteners are also used in “exotic” industries, such as the offshore industry. Because...

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KAISER INDUSTRY OVERVIEW Chemicals industry and General mechanical engineering petrochemicals industry • Plant construction • Plant construction • Construction equipment industry • Container construction • Facade system manufacture • Heat exchanger manufacture • Boiler construction • Gear manufacture • Agricultural machinery industry • Reactor construction • Engine manufacture • Pipeline construction • Railway vehicle manufacture • Valve and fittings manufacture, • Steel construction • Textile machinery industry • Turbine construction • Machine tool construction

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Threaded bolts, hex bolts and Co. Standard parts made of special materials, threaded bolts or stud bolts, hex bolts or cap nuts – Kaiser stands out for its enormous range of standard parts. We place special value on creating fasteners of longest service life and greatest temperature resistance. Wherever high operating pressures or extreme corrosion resistance are required, we deliver the suitable material combinations (e.g. stainless or austenitic steels). We also deliver products made of special materials and nonferrous metals (titanium, brass, aluminium or plastic) to suit your specific needs....

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