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KACO Product Overview V2 - 28 Pages

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KACO Product Overview V2
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Catalog excerpts

Product Overview Residential ^^wkm*+ Utility Scale 1 V J 1 JILIVIJ

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“KACO new energy is committed to worldwide regenerative energy, based primarily on solar power. We see ourselves among the leading companies globally in all our fields of activity. This means that our products are of the highest quality and at the most technologically advanced level worldwide. Our company locations all over the world ensure our future viability. Our employees are instrumental in the continued development and success of KACO new energy. We create the freedom in which our employees can achieve their goals. We turn errors into chances and learn from them. Factors such as the health...

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Company vision Company history, present and future Residential: blueplanet 02xi and 02x inverters (1.5 - 5 kW) Residential & commercial: blueplanet 00xi and M series (6.4 - 7.6 kW) Commercial: XP10 - US and Canadian versions (10 kW with optional PSD)

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KACO new energy history, present and future KACO new energy is a global manufatcurer of PV inverters - with production plants in the USA and Canada. Headquartered in Neckarsulm, Germany, the KACO new energy group are specialists in the design and production of power conditioning devices. The largest part of our business is photovoltaic inverters. Our second largest product lines are power supply systems for automotive and aerospace applications. KACO’s clients in these fields include global players like Volkswagen and Airbus. KACO new energy‘s product portfolio also includes custom inverter designs...

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San Antonio, TX, USA Local manufacturing and 400 MW of PV powered by KACO new energy KACO new energy and OCI Solar Power, a solar power developer, partnered to construct the largest photovoltaic solar power project in the Lone Star State. KACO new energy is setting up its own manufacturing plant in San Antonio, creating more than 70 new jobs. The positions are part of the 800-plus jobs that are created in San Antonio as part of a 400 megawatt solar project. KACO new energy‘s central inverters will be assembled to form functional units called IPS (Integrated Power Stations). By 2016, the combined...

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KACO TECH String Inverter Technology KACO blueplanet 02xi and 02x grid-tied inverter KACO new energy is a leader in power electronics specializing in PV inverters, performance monitoring systems, and power supply systems for industrial rail applications. Continued growth will see KACO new energy enter the emerging markets of energy storage systems and rural electrification. Energy Yield • • • 95.5% CEC efficiency Broad MPPT range - high string sizing flexibility with all modules and temperature ranges Low start up voltage Lightweight at 42 - 72 lbs for simple installation Avaliable with and without...

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KACO NEW ENERGY Model number DC Electrical Specifications Max. DC input voltage (VDC) DC maximum peak power (MPP) operating range (VDC) DC operating range (VDC) DC minimum start voltage (VDC) DC maximum operating current (ADC) DC maximum short circuit current (ADC) Maximum input source backfeed current (ADC) DC input overload protection Voltage and current limiting during operation DC input terminals / conductor size per channel A-B AC Electrical Specifications AC max continuous output power (W) CEC weighted efficiency (%) (240 / 208 VAC) AC nominal voltage / operating range L to Neutral (VAC)...

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KACO blueplanet 00xi series transformerless grid-tied inverters Performance High efficiency: High efficiency at low power: 96.5% CEC efficiency on all 00xi series inverters ensures lowest energy losses KACO transformerless inverters are 94% efficient at 10% output power Ease of installation easyINSTALL T-bracket: Lockable DC disconnect: Multiple knock-outs: Connection box: Reduced weight: Reduced side clearance: Field selectable voltages: Four fused DC inputs: Minimizes mounting process to approximately 15 minutes Save up to $100 with the pre-wired & separable integrated disconnect Knock-outs...

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KACO NEW ENERGY blueplanet 6400xi Model number Input data (DC) DC operating range Nominal DC input current Output data (AC) Max. continuous output power (CEC) Frequency Maximum efficiency Additional data DC disconnect ratings Cooling 600 V, 4 x 16 A True convection - ultimate reliability, with assist fan DC reverse polarity protection Ground fault protection Integrated residual current detector Ungrounded, transformerless inverter Visual displays Included accessory interfaces Backlit LCD w/ convenient night switch & push button controls easyLINK RS485 & SymBus (Ethernet optional) Ambient temp...

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Maximize output. Perfect monitoring. The blueplanet 6400M/7600M inverter with integrated Tigo Maximizer Management Unit (MMU) The Tigo Maximizer system consists of two main components: the Maximizer, an electronic component which is mounted directly on the module, and the Maximizer Management Unit (MMU), which represents the higher-level intelligence of the system. The Tigo Maximizer optimizes the output power for each module, delivers all the relevant operating data for each module in real time, and allows you to disconnect each module for safe installation, maintenance, or when fighting a fire....

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KACO NEW ENERGY blueplanet 6400M Nominal DC input current Model number Input data (DC) DC operating range Output data (AC) Max. continuous output power (CEC) Max. over-current protection Max. continuous current AC operating range Frequency Maximum efficiency CEC rated efficiency Additional data DC disconnect ratings Residential, commercial or utility scale solar 600 V, 4 x 16 A True convection - ultimate reliability, with assist fan DC reverse polarity protection Ground fault protection Optimizes the power output of each module Integrated residual current detector Ungrounded, transformerless inverter Visual...

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Transformerless Inverter Technology KACO blueplanet XP10U-H4 grid-tied inverter Energy Yield • • • • 97% CEC efficiency Shade tolerant multiple DC input channels ensure maximum kWh production 200 - 600 VDC operating range Broad thermal operating range -13 to 140 °F / -25 to 60 °C Lightweight at 88 lbs for simple installation Up to 50% lighter than comparably sized inverters Graphical user interface with data logging performance history Integrated web server Multiple DC input channels simplify PV system design Now available in North America, global based high volume product with years of field...

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