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General catalog 2013/2014 - 53 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

POWADOR. Highest Performance.

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Dear readers, Yes, I am one of those people who are completely certain that in the near future it will be possible for the world to run solely on affordable photovoltaic power – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Fuel costs: none. No other energy source has the enormous potential of the sun. With the technology we already have available today, we can generate about 35,000 times more electric energy decentrally and regionally than is actually needed throughout the entire world. Once you understand the magnitude of this, you immediately realize how ridiculously small the capacities of soon-to-be-exhausted...

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Powador-priwatt 56 The profitable way to use your privately generated photovoltaic electricity. 10 Philosophy 12 Environment 14 Locations 16 Customer Service 18 Academy Central inverters 58 Powador XP100-HV XP200-HV | XP250-HV 92 Powador-piccoLOG 94 Powador Argus 60 Powador XP200-HV TL XP250-HV TL | XP350-HV TL XP500-HV TL | XP550-HV TL 64 Powador XP500-HV TL outdoor Powador XP550-HV TL outdoor 66 Powador 500 | 550 kVA-Station 1000 | 1100 kVA-Station 1500 | 1650 kVA-Station 70 Integrated Power Station 72 KACO Maximizer Energy storage 80 Powador-gridsave String collectors Generator junction box...

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06-19 Company 08 Milestones 10 Philosophy 12 Environment 14 Locations 16 Customer Service 18 Academy

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Company development Company development The expanding KACO GERÄTETECHNIK profit centre reforms as an independent company under the name of KACO GERÄTETECHNIK GmbH. The development and logistics centre in Erlenbach, the research and development centre in Kassel, as well as Plant 3, a production centre, in Neckarsulm open. The subsidiary in Greece is founded. The new research and development team for central inverters is established in South Korea. The new logistics centre is opened. Construction begins on the new headquarters. KACO GERÄTETECHNIK GmbH is renamed KACO new energy GmbH. The new headquarters...

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We turn passion into power. We at KACO new energy are backing the energy turnaround 100%. And we actively support all of those who have committed themselves to becoming independent of fossil and nuclear power sources: In KACO new energy you have found the right partner to pave the way for the change to solar energy supply. Because there are two things you can depend on with KACO new energy: a high-quality, reliable product and a company that has internalised sustainability and environmental responsibility. KACO new energy also bears a responsibility towards its em­ ployees. Their accomplishments...

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The price of greatness is responsibility. We work in an industry that generates power from sunlight: a renewable energy that protects the basis for life, a healthy environment. However, the responsibility we bear extends beyond that. Because of this, it is not only important WHAT we do, but also HOW we do it. That is absolutely critical for credibility. And this is why we are especially proud of our zero-emission production, which has been attested with a certificate from Steinbeis Transfer Centre. KACO new energy purchases green electricity from Elektrizitätswerke Schönau. Thus, we not only produce...

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Locations worldwide France KACO new energy 2 Allée des Vendanges 77183 Croissy Beaubourg France Tel. +33 1 60 93 01 10 Fax +33 1 60 93 01 19 Research and Development Center KACO new energy GmbH Dormannweg 48 34123 Kassel Germany Japan KACO new energy Inc. 401 Azeria Aoshin Building, Ikebukuro 2-61-8, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, Japan Tel. +81 3 6914 2967 Fax +81 3 6914 2968 Canada KACO new energy 15835 Robins Hill Road London, Ontario Canada, N5V 0A5 Tel. +1 519 453 6111 Fax +1 519 453 6114

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Customer Service Customer Service Customer Service More than service “For all of our Powador inverters we provide a guarantee for several years that extends beyond the warranty. To ensure they are fully effective, register your products online with our company immediately after commissioning the equipment at Convenient, quick and free. Full details of the coverage currently valid are available on the internet at We will be happy to advise you on service and warranty agreements individually tailored to your needs.” Fixed-rate...

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Academy Getting ahead through further education Recently Introduced At home or abroad in English TÜV Rheinland Certification courses Would you like to be at the cutting edge of photovoltaic technology? Participate in one of our regular customer seminars and KACO new energy will help you to do just that! Should you prefer a training course on your premises else­ here w in Germany or abroad, our trainers will gladly travel to you for groups of 10 or more. Seminars can be tailor-made to your specific requirements and are of course available in the English language too. Whatever your needs, you can...

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20-87 Inverters 22 Product overview Transformerless single phase string inverters 24 Powador 3200 | 4200 | 4400 5300 | 5500 | 6600 30 Powador 7700 | 7900 | 8600 9600 Galvanically isolated single phase string inverters 32 Powador 2002 | 3002 | 4202 5002 | 6002 Transformerless three-phase inverters 36 Powador 6.0 TL3 | 7.8 TL3 9.0 TL3 | 10.0 TL3 40 Powador 12.0 TL3 | 14.0 TL3 18.0 TL3 | 20.0 TL3 44 Powador 30.0 TL3 | 33.0 TL3 36.0 TL3 | 39.0 TL3 | 40.0 TL3 60.0 TL3 Powador 48.0 TL3 Park 48 72.0 TL3 Park String Collectors 50 Generator Junction Box 51 Powador Mini-Argus Galvanically isolated three-phase...

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Efficient and durable Our Powador inverters cover a comprehensive output range for systems ranging from a single family house to huge solar parks with output in the megawatt range. The portfolio also includes inverters for island solutions and extensive monitoring accessories for PV systems. also provide advantages for many modules. In addition, they provide solutions for situations where dimensioning is complex. Our storage solutions for solar power set new standards in technology: Powador-gridsave with integrated inverter is the best possible starting point for a new installation with maximal...

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