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Ahead in every round... Kaban Machine aims to be the symbol of invariability and reputation for all customers by offering products of universal quality and standards.

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KABAN, which was established in 1986, is one of the biggest Pvc and Aluminium joinery machine manufacturers of the world. KABAN, continues to offer superior quality and modern design products to its day by day growing customer portfolio thanks to its advanced production technology and experienced staff. KABAN has gained confidence of door window producers not only with its high technology machines but also with after sales service and spare part service. It shows the importance given to the technology once again by making new investments in his KABAN / Hadımkoy facility which has a 30.000...

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4X4 Welding and CNC Cleaning Center General Features • Designed for welding and cleaning the welding chips of frames made of PVC profiles. • Robust mechanical design suitable for high speed production. • Maximum performance thanks to high quality materials used on its production. • Operation with a single operator. • Workspace saving comparing to similar machines. • Automatic greasing system. • In every 20-28 seconds one frame is produced. • It provides %40 space saving compared to traditional machines which have similar production capacity.

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Control Panel Welding Unit • Compatible to all cutting and optimization programs thanks to its user friendly and flexible operation system. • Special software which enables the selection of profile trolley stocking arrangment from the screen in order to make customer based production. • All units parameters can be set independently from each other easily. • Periodical maintenance reminder function. • Welding by entering the dimensions manually without using barcode reader. Cooling Unit Transfer Unit • 4 pieces of 4 head welding units weld on rotating body at the same time. • The machine...

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PVC Welding and Cleaning Center TD 3040 PVC Welding and Lame Sash Cleaning Center tfKf-afcN General Features • Designed for welding and cleaning the welding chips of PVC frames. • Robust mechanical design suitable for high speed production. • Maximum performance thanks to high quality materials used on its production. • Automatic greasing system. • Barcode reader. Right Feed Model

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Control Panel Welding Unit • Welds 4 corners of PVC profiles at 90º angle at the same time. • PID system to adjust heating degree and time parameters independently. • Saving of time and cost thanks to roller formed teflon replacement system. • Long lasting heating plate distributes the heat homogeneously. • Practical mould replacement. • Linear measurement system provides measuring. • Compatible to all cutting and optimization programs thanks to its user friendly and flexible operation system. • Special software which enables the selection of profile trolley stocking arrangment from the...

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Profile Processing and Cutting Center Profile Loading Unit General Features • Robust mechanical design suitable for high speed operations. • Maximum performance with high quality materials used on production. • High capacity thanks to independent operation of processing, cutting and screwing units. • FA 1030 processing, cutting and screwing center has servomotor controlled 14 axis, FA 1010 processing and cutting center has servomotor controlled 12 axis. • Precise measuring thanks to linear measurement system. • Reverse cutting to prevent wastes while frame is made from mullion profile. •...

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Process Symbols Calculated by processing 10 bars of frame profiles. Process Symbols Calculated by processing 10 bars of sash profiles. Process Symbols Calculated by processing 10 bars of door profiles. Processed profile dimensions: • Processing unit has 7 servomotor controlled axis.    * When the hardwares are changed or added, • Handle, cylinder holes and water slot canals are performed double sided at the same time.    proress times may vary.

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Profile Processing and Cutting Center Profile Transfer Unit Profile Processing, Cutting and Screwing Center Profile Unloading Unit • Output robot conveys the cut profiles on conveyor automatically. • Conveys the processed profiles to cutting unit. • The operator sticks the barcode on cut pieces to prepare for next operation. Profile Cutting Unit • Servo controlled cutting unit. Progress speed and distance can be adjusted for each profile separately. • Long lasting saw thanks to special working system. Profile Screwing Unit • Used on FA 1030. • Screwing conveyor conveys the profile to...

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Technical Features Profile Loading Unit X Axis Servo Motor Y Axis Servo Motor Z Axis Servo Motor B Axis Servo Motor Spindle Motors X-Y-Z Axis Rapid Speeds B Axis Angle Servo Motor Rapid Speed Y Axis Servo Motor B Axis Servo Motor B Axis Angle Y Axis Rapid Speed Saw Motor Servo Motor Rapid Speed Unloading Conveyor X Axis Servo Motor X Axis Rapid Speed Loading Conveyor Height Width Lenght Weight Pressure Consumption Profile Processing Unit Profile Transfer Unit Profile Cutting Unit Profile Unloading Unit Screwing Unit Machine Dimensions Air Screen Communication Software Electricity Servo...

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