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B-web 97 00 - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Terminal B-web® 97  00 – more than just time and attendance Elegant, multi-functional and innovative

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«Small things make perfection, but perfection is no small thing» Quote by Sir Frederick Henry Royce

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Innovation meets tried-and-true – see for yourself Elegant, multi-functional and innovative. These are the characteristic features of the new Kaba terminal B-web 97  00. Due to the consistent further development of the B-web terminal generation, the B-web 97  00 can offer you completely new possibilities to meet your individual requirements. Additional connectivity using WLAN or 3G Capacitive navigation keys Optional camera system 7“ touch screen with brilliant color display Guided handling for easy and guided operation Robust glass panel RFID reader Integrated microphone Integrated loudspeaker...

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One device – many options In Addition to the standard applications, that Kaba makes available for you, the terminal B-web 97  00 also offers the possibility to use your own application on the device. Install your app or simply use the web browser and you will profit from the combination of modern hardware and software. The terminal B-web 97 00 is available in three different packages. You can thus construct your appropriate terminal, depending on your requirements. In the further extension the B-web 97  40 offers you additionally the opportunity to use access control functions. These include door...

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Easy set-up – it‘s a piece of cake with «1-click installation» Fast and secure 1-click installation The B-web 97 00 terminal is generally supplied with a docking station for wall mounting. In the standard version, a power connection is not required; power is supplied by Power over Ethernet (PoE) using the network cable. This guarantees users a fast and secure installation. 1-click installation means that you can conveniently set the parameters after having installed the devices. B-COMM is used as secure integration platform. This often tried-and-tested software conveniently manages and backs up...

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More customization – no problem Say goodbye to standardized layouts! Colors, background images, icons, your company logo or positions – Design your own user interface and have yourself inspired by the examples shown. Free design of the display layout Terminal B-web 97 00 for state-of-the-art time and attendance

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Easy operation – that‘s easy using «Guided Handling» Guided Handling helps you with graphic and acoustic signals The currently selected function is shown with a large symbol. Functions that are no longer available can be disabled or hidden completely. Noncontact badges, such as card or key tag, or finger – The display shows you how you can register on the terminal. Fast feedback «Beep» or «Hello» – You have the choice. When you hold a badge in front of the system or make an entry at the terminal, the system gives you a positive or negative acoustic feedback. These feedback signals can be two different...

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«A smart and modern system that anybody understands and that can be extended flexibly without having to invest in a completely new technology? Installation and extension without problems? That‘s perfect for IT staff.»

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Easy replacement – no problem with «1-click replacement» Damaged device due to external impact When a terminal gets damaged, there is no time to lose. It is necessary to react fast. Every missing booking costs money. 1-click replacement is integrated in the B-web 97 00 terminal. Just remove the defective terminal from the docking station, put in the replacement terminal and continue. Also in this case, B-COMM is used as secure integration platform. The software conveniently manages and backs up the configuration of all registered terminals. After having replaced a terminal, all parameters, communi- cation...

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Identification with the finger Put your finger onto the biometric sensor and you will be identified. Your finger is a personal badge that you have with you at all times. You cannot lose or forget it. The finger as a recognition feature – that is really simple. For even more security, you may also combine biometric identification with a standard RFID reader or PIN entry.

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Performance overview of the terminal B-web® 97  00 – Differences of the option packages Basic configuration B-web 97 00 Option package B-web 97 20 Option package B-web 97 40 Option package B-web 97 60 Hardware Basic device Guided Handling Camera with white and infrared light Elastic protective frame Reader RFID reader (LEGIC, MIFARE, HID) Other RFID readers 4 Biometric module CBM / CBM-E for 500 / 3,000 / 5,000 persons 2, 5 Magnetic stripe reader 4 Barcode Scan Engine Interfaces 10/100 Ethernet interface (IPv4/IPv6) Power supply 100 — 230 V AC integrated power supply unit 3 Uninterruptible power...

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B-COMM and B-web are registered trademarks of the Kaba GmbH. Subject to technical changes! Order No. 04043277, Version 0713 Kaba GmbH Albertistr. 3 78056 Villingen-Schwenningen Germany Phone +49 7720 603-0 Fax +49 7720 603-102 awm.info@kaba.com

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