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B-Net 90 10 - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Product factsheet B-Net 90 10 converter – for the integration of third-party readers ® Your advantages at a glance • Facilitates the simple integration of third-party readers into a Kaba access control system • Connection of up to 2 readers, e.g. Wiegand reader, magnetic stripe reader • Door monitoring and control as an additional function Made in Germany developed and produced in Germany The B-Net 90 10 subterminal is designed to integrate existing or third party readers, e.g. readers equipped with a Wiegand or serial interface, into a Kaba access control system. It works as a converter and converts the reader data into the Kaba protocol. Overall, the B-Net 90 10 works like the remaining access control subterminals from Kaba. It is connected either via the access managers B-Net 92 90 and B-Net 92 50 or B-Net 93 xx terminals. Through the door management function it facilitates the opening and monitoring of two doors. For this, it is parameterized in a simple manner.

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Technical features • Investment protection: Compatibility with the Bedas, Bedanet, B-Net and B-web series makes it Power supply possible for you to run mixed operations with Kaba systems already installed and any extensions. • Universal voltage input 12 to 32 V DC • Operating modes: Online Online mode when connected to a control unit. Access Control • Interfaces/Integration: The subterminal is either connected to an access control unit via an RS-485 interface and thus integrated in an access control system or connected to a time and attendance system for easy door opening. • Ambient temperature:...

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