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SeedMaster 2 CRYSTALLIZATION TRANSMITTER AND SEEDING DEVICE Sweeten Your Profits … MOTOR POWER TRANSMITTER Refractometer KPATENTS PR-01-S Refractometer KPATENTS PR-23-GP DENSITY TRANSMITTER With The Right Instruments For Crystallization Control The SeedMaster 2 Crystallization Transmitter And Seeding Device was designed to provide all of the vital information required to control the process of sugar crystallization on an unprecedented level. It can serve 2 vacuum pans simultaneously. PROCESS CONTROL Kft. Haller u. 88. Web: H-1091 BUDAPEST E-mail: HUNGARY Fax: (361) 215 4161 LAJOS ROZSA Mandula u. 24. H-1025 BUDAPEST HUNGARY E-mail: Fax: (361) 316 7486

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Crystallization is a very important part of sugar manufacturing. This is a process, which has a large influence on product quality and on the cost of production, both of which are very important when competitiveness is at stake. Modern control of crystallization must rely on the reliable on-line measurement of the parameters, which are vital in the control of the process performed by a local operator (manual control), or by an advanced automatic process control system (PCS). M.Saska: Boiling point elevation of technical sugar cane solutions and its use in automatic pan boiling. International Sugar...

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SeedMaster 2 outputs: Calculated data: Based on the input data the SeedMaster 2 software calculates 6 massecuite parameters per pan in real time. These are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. SUPERSATURATION MASSECUITE DENSITY MASSECUITE SOLIDS CONTENT CRYSTAL CONTENT CONSISTENCY MOTHER LIQUOR PURITY [-] [kg / m3] [%] [%] [%] [%] Additional outputs: If the K-PATENTS refractometer(s), or third party transmitter(s) are directly connected to the SeedMaster 2, their data are available as outputs, too. These possible outputs are: 7. MOTHER LIQUOR CONCENTRATION 8. TEMPERATURE 9. MOTOR CONSUMPTION 10. MASSECUITE LEVEL...

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SPECIFICATIONS MAIN DEVICE FEATURES PROCESS INTERFACE 1. On-line calculation, display and transmission of up to 6 massecuite parameters and up to 4 additional monitored data during sugar crystallization for up to 2 pans simultaneously. 2. Automatic seeding of vacuum pans based on calculated supersaturation or density and on the set-point for seeding selected by the local technologist. 3. Collecting all calculated and measured data for the last 4 strikes in strike history archives, which can be displayed as trends with appropriate time data. Brief (numerical) supersaturation strike history (last...

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