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APPLICATIONS K-Patents Semicon Process Refractometer PR-33-S monitors real-time the consistency of liquid chemical concentrations in the ultra-clean semiconductor fabrication processes and integrated process tools. Typical uses of the K-Patents PR-33-S include: • Preventing wrong chemicals or wrong concentrations from entering the process tool or the wet bench and thus helping to prevent expensive equipment damage and wafer scrap. • Assisting in optimizing the etch process and in increasing the bath life of the etch solution. • Increasing wafer throughput typically by up to 20%, and reducing cleaning...

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REAL-TIME MONITORING DRIFT-FREE CALIBRATION REMOTE FUNCTIONS K-Patents is a company specialized in inline liquid concentration measurements. K-Patents has over 30 years of experience in supplying digital refractometers for thousands of industrial applications around the world. K-Patents PR-33-S has no calibration drift and needs no maintenance, adjustment or recalibration over time. The PR-33-S consists of a Kynar® PVDF sensor and an Ethernet cable that any standard PoE switch can use for transmitting power to the sensor and data to a computer. K-Patents Semicon Process Refractometer PR-33-S is...

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DIGITAL MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLE SENSOR MOUNTING The light source sends light against the interface between the prism and the process solution, where the rays meet the surface at different angles. Vertical line Reflected light Light source The angle corresponding to the shadow line is called the Critical Angle of Total Reflection. The Critical Angle is a func­ tion of the refractive index and hence the concentration of the solution. Refracted light All rays coming to the surface below a certain angle, are totally reflected. The light coming to the surface at a higher angle is refracted into the process...

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DESIGN Sapphire adaptor Flow cell (modified PTFE) Thermal isolation Image analyzer Prism Pt-1000 temperature sensor CCD-camera Light source CORE-optics K-Patents PR-33-S utilizes the patented COREoptics (Compact Optical Rigid Element) module that is isolated from the sensor body. The integral probe type temperature sensor responds fast to the changes of the process liquid temperature. The CORE-optics protect the measuring components from any influence of pressure, flow or temperature changes. (US Patent Nos. US6067151 and US6760098 B2, German Patent No. DE19855218).

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Refractive Index range, standard: Full range, nD=1.3200...1.5300 (corresponds to 0...100% b.w.), Sapphire H73 prism Refractive Index range, option: No mechanical adjustments and digital measurement with 3648 pixel CCD element, 589 nm wavelength (sodium D-line) light emitting diode (LED), built-in Pt-1000 temperature sensor (linearization according to IEC 751) Automatic, digital compensation Instrument verification: 1s undamped, damping time selectable up to 5 min Patented CORE-Optics: Temperature compensation: R.I. ± 0.0002 (corresponds typically to ± 0.1% b.w.). Repeatability ± 0.0001 (corresponds...

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