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TYPICAL APPLICATIONS FOOD Confectionary, candies, caramel, fudge, flavors, toffee, syrup, topping, sugar coating. Dairy products, condensed milk, skimmed milk, milk powder, caseinate, yeast extract, yoghurt, whey. Egg, egg yolk, egg white. Preserves, canned fruits, canned vegetables, sauces, instant soups. Soy, soy milk. Tomato based products, tomato puree, ketchup. Alcohol, rum, molasses, liquors, cider. Beer, wort, cut beer. Juices, blended fruit juices and nectars, juice concentrate, ice tea, ice coffee, instant coffee, instant tea. Soft drinks, energy and sport drinks, beverage base. Wines,...

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COMPACT SENSOR FOR SMALL PIPES PROBE SENSOR FOR LARGE PIPES AND VESSELS Pipe bend Large pipe K-Patents Sanitary Process Refractometer PR-23-A sensor is factory calibrated to measure refractive index nD and temperature T in standard units. Each sensor has identical calibration nD=1.31...1.54 (corresponding to 0-100 Brix). The non-linear conversion from refractive index to Brix or concentration units and also temperature compensation are based on standard tables. They are programmed inside the transmitter independently of the sensor. Therefore, all sensors are freely interchangeable. To keep velocity...

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DIGITAL MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLE Light source The measurement accuracy is not influenced by particles, bubbles, sugar crystals, seeds, fibres, colour or temperature changes in the process medium. Critical angle Process medium The light source sends light against the interface between a prism and the process solution, where the rays meet the surface at different angles. Prism Reflected light The angle corresponding to the shadow line is called the Critical Angle of Total Reflection. The Critical Angle is a function of the refractive index and hence the con­­cen­tration of the solution. Light Source Refracted...

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DESIGN Air cooling fins Processor card Thermal conductor Thermal isolation CCD-camera Light source Prism Temperature sensor All measuring components are in one solid CORE-optics module.The patented COREoptics is mechanically isolated from the influence of external forces and vibrations. The CORE-optics contains no mechanical adjustments. (US Patent No. 6067151)

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SPECIFICATIONS Compact sensor PR-23-AC for small pipe lines Refractive Index range: Full range, nD = 1.3200...1.5300 (corresponds to hot water...100 Brix) Refractive index nD ±0.0002 (corresponds typically to ± 0.1% by weight) Repeatability nD ±0.0001 (corresponds typically to ± 0.05% by weight) 1 s undamped, damping time selectable up to 5 min Light source: Light emitting diode (LED), 589 nm wavelength, sodium light Temperature sensor: Built-in Pt-1000, linearization according to IEC 751 Temperature compensation: Automatic, digital compensation Instrument verification: With NIST traceable Cargille...

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