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FOOD INDUSTRY Sugor: Effraction, press wale, thick juice, vacuum pon, molosses. Corn syrup. Ir LA:.'ose, glucose, zylose, maltose. Sorbito/, monnifol, lacfitol. Calcium lactate. Milk products: lactose, lactulose, lactidacid, condensed m rife, whey, sfeim milk, caseinafe. Fruit concentróte, citrus juices, soft drinks, bcx'i wort, grope ru.'ce. coi'ce. / lovor;, ronis. ¡e/jies, yoesi 0.,'ract Gelatine, protei.1: íomoío posto IJ/oge.'ioiett OI.'S, PULP & PAPER Block liquor: Blow tine, pulp washing, evaporator, recovery he;i.1?'- sotery. White liquor, Green Jiouor. Sulphite COOK',13 liquor, red liquor....

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UNIQUE DESIGN IMAGE DIGITZER LIGHT SOURCE TEMPERATURE SENSOR AIR COOLING IMAGE DETECTOR THERMAL ISOLATION FIBER OPTICS PRISM - Digital image detector: NO SIGNAL DRIFT - Microprocessor signal linearization and temperature compensation: ABSOLUTE CALIBRATION IN CONCENTRATION UNITS - True refractive index measurement (not reflected light measurement): NO INFLUENCE ON MEASUREMENT FROM PARTICLES, BUBBLES, CRYSTALS OR BY COLOR OF THE LIQUID. - The prism is flush mounted in an flat surface swept by the main flow: PRISM STAYS CLEAN - Air cooling= NO COOLING WATER - Rugged, modular design and light emitting...

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INSTALLATION CALIBRATION Delivery consists of three parts: Sensor, Indicating transmitter and interconnecting cable. The cable is ready for connection. The sensor is mounted in the process by a piece of standard pipe and a standard flance or clamp. A nozzle for prism wash with steam or hot wateris recommended in some applications. To obtain full agreement between refractometer indication and user´s laboratory determinations, the instrument may need adjustement. The user can make the adjustement himself using conventional methods, but he can also use the adjustment service provided by K-Patents:...

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PRINCIPLE OF MEASUREMENT Light source Prism Reflected light Cr Solution itic a al ng le Refracted light When a light ray meets a surface wetted by a solution at a steep angle, part of the light is reflected, part is refracted. Total reflection The angel corresponding to the shadow edge in the optical image is called the Critical Angle of Total Reflection. THE CRITICAL ANGLE OF TOTAL REFLECTION IS A FUNCTION OF THE CONCENTRATION OF THE SOLUTION. Low concentration However, if the angle is flat, all light is reflected; total reflection occurs. High concentration If the position of the shadow edge...

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SPECIFICATIONS DIMENSIONS DATA Refractive Index ranges: Max span: Accuracy: Speed of response: Damping time constant: Process temperature: Ambient temperature: Process pressure: Recommended flow velocity: Wetted parts: Sensor weight: Process connection: Current output: Serial output: Power: Interconnecting cable: Interconnecting cable lenght: Indicating transmitter: Indicating transmitter weight: Options: Accessories: ORDERING INFORMATION: K-PATENTS OY P.O. BOX 77 ELANNONTIE 5 FIN-01511 VANTAA, FINLAND PHONE: INT.+358-9-8256 640 FAX: INT.+358-9-8256 6461 INFO@KPATENTS.COM WWW.KPATENTS.COM Low...

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