K-Patents Process Probe Refractometer PR-23-GP - 6 Pages

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TYPICAL APPLICATIONS CHEMICALS Acetic acid, Acrylate, Amine oxide, Amino acid, Ammonium fluoride, Ammonium hydroxide, Ammonium nitrate, Ammonium sulphate, Caustic soda, Cellulose derivates, Citric acid, Copper chloride, Chromium trioxide (or Chromic acid), Ethylene glycol, Formaldehyde, Formic acid, Glycerol, Hydrogen peroxide, Iron chloride, Lactic acid, Lubricating oils, Nickel chloride, Nitric acid, Oleum, Polyamides, Polycarbonates, Polyethylene, Resins, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium dichromate, Sodium gluconate, Sodium hydroxide, Styrenes, Sulphuric acid, Urea, etc. PLASTICS AND FIBERS Acetate,...

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INSTALLATION MEDIUM AND LARGE PIPES PIPES 2" OR SMALLER DUAL CONNECTIVITY K-Patents Process Refractometer PR-23-GP sensor is factory calibrated to measure refractive index nD and temperature T in standard units. Each sensor has identical calib­ation nD=1.32...1.53 (cor­e­ ponding r r s to 0-100 Brix). One or two sensors can be connected to one Indicating transmitter. Because the PR-23 sensors have identical calibration, and each sensor gives Refractive Index nD and temperature as output, all sensors can be freely inter­­ changed without any inconvenience of optical calibration or parameter changes....

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OPERATION DIGITAL MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLE Optical image Prism Light source Critical angle Process medium The light source sends light against the interface between a prism and the process solution, where the rays meet the surface at different angles. Prism Reflected light Cr itic al an gl e Light source The angle corresponding to the shadow line is called the Critical Angle of Total Reflection. The Critical Angle is a function of the refractive index and therefore the con­­ tration of the solution. cen­ Solution Refracted light Depending on the angle, some rays are totally reflected. And, some rays...

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Processor card Thermal conductor Thermal isolation PTFE Prism Light source All measuring components (light source, prism, temperature sensor CORE-optics module. hanically isolated from the influence of external forces and vibrations. hanical adjustments. Temperature sensor

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SPECIFICATIONS Sensor PR-23-GP with Sandvik clamp Standard: Full range, nD = 1.3200...1.5300 (corresponds to 0...100 % b.w.) Accuracy: Refractive index nD ±0.0002 (corresponds typically to ± 0.1% by weight) Repeatability nD ±0.0001 (corresponds typically to ±0.05% by weight) Speed of response: 1 s undamped, damping time selectable up to 5 min Calibration: With Cargille standard R.I. liquids over full range of nD 1.3200...1.5300 CORE-Optics: No mechanical adjustments (US Patent No. US6067151) Digital measurement: 3648 pixel CCD element Light source: Light emitting diode (LED), 589 nm wavelength,...

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