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INSTRUMENT VERIFICATION FOR ISO 9000 QUALITY SYSTEM Verification of the calibration of K-Patents Process Refractometer... ...is made using certified Refractive Index liquids. As a result of the check procedure... ...the accuracy is verified. PROCESS REFRACTOMETER PR-01-S IV95/1

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1. INTRODUCTION A company maintaining quality system according to ISO 9000 quality standards must have defined procedures for controlling and calibrating its measuring equipment. Such procedures are needed to demonstrate the conformance of final product to specified requirements. The company should: - Identify the required accuracy and select appropriate equipment for measurements. - Establish calibration procedures including a check method and acceptance criteria. - Calibrate the equipment at prescribed intervals against certified equipment having a known valid relationship to nationally recognized...

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3. VERIFICATION PROCEDURE OF REFRACTIVE INDEX (R.I.) CALIBRATION The R.I. calibration can be verified with three certified standard R.I. liquids as follows (For ordering information of the liquids, see Instruction manual, Section 5.4): 4. Take certified standard R.I. liquids, which correspond to the values indicated in the Final Test Section of the latest Delivery Data Sheet or Standard Calibration Sheet of PR-01-S. The three R.I. values are selected by K-Patents calibration software to represent the R.I. range used. 1. Take the sensor out of the process and mount it on a bench. The use of K-Patents...

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K-PATENTS PROCESS REFRACTO M ETER. PR-Ol-S STAN DARD R.L CALIBRATION Information from the latest Delivery data sheet Process medium: Temp. Norm. Measurement range: Main Program version: Please, fax this sheet to K-Patents or to your local K-Patents rep re sen (a eve. You will receive new calibration parameters by return. 1804 Centre PointCircle, Suite 106 is right ti> technical a iterations.

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