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H. FiTIrtTi Divini CCWTT>-H SVSTFV RECOVERY BOILERS REQUIRES K-PATENTS DIGITAL DIVERT Feeding low concentrations of black liquor solids to a kraft chemical recovery boiler burner can cause a steam explosion. A digital divert control system is required to ensure safe BLRBAC REGULATIONS The Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Advisory Committee (BLRBAC) recommends standards for safe firing of black liquor and suggests using an automatic black liquor divert control system to ensure that weak liquor is not fed BLRBAC requires that if the black liquor concentration falls below 58%, the system shall give an...

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SYSTEM Indicating transmitter A DECISION LOGICS Divert Indicating control unit transmitter B Sensor A The divert decision is controlled from the divert control unit. The built-in diagnostics provides three levels of decision logics for a tight control. 1. ALARMS Sensor B Divert signal Audible signal The K-Patents Digital Divert Control System is built in strict accordance with the recommendations of BLRBAC. The system includes two process refractometers with retraction valves installed in the main black liquor line, two indicating transmitters and a divert control panel. STA REFRACTOMETERS 2....

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RETRACTION & ISOLATION VALVE The design of the K-Patents retractor & isolation valve provides maximum safety for the operation. The design eliminates the safety risk resulting from partial closure of the isolation valve and therefore activation of false divert alarms. OPERATION TION... SENSOR IN OPERATION... OTHER APPLICATIONS K-Patents Process Refractometers are used in various concentration measurements in the pulp and paper processes. WEAK LIQUOR FROM PULP WASHERS Black liquor concentration is measured with K-Patents Process Refractometer to optimize the consumption of pulp chemicals and usage...

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ALL-DIGITAL DESIGN K-Patents DD-01 eliminates false divert alarms The K-Patents Digital Divert Control System is completely microprocessor controlled. All analog circuitry has been eliminated. The digital signal transmission and microprocessor implemented diagnostics ensure error free operation. The system eliminates false alarms, because it reacts only when the level of solids truly falls below the safe limit.

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K-PATENTS DIGITAL DIVERT CONTROL SYSTEM DD-01 SPECIFICATIONS The K-Patents DD-01 Digital Divert Control System is built strictly according to the principles of Recommended Good Practice for Safe Firing of Black Liquor in Black Liquor Recovery Boilers (BLRBAC, August 1982, revised March 2001). DD-01 OF: THE DD -01 SYSTEM CONSISTS OF: – Two K-Patents Process Refractometers PR-01-S (A and B) are installed in series in the main black liquor line. Each refractometer is complete with a sensor, an indicating transmitter and interconnecting cables. Each refractometer provides also a measurement signal...

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