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Jongia’s Top Entry range for Biogas and Waste Water applications Postal address P.O. Box 284 Type Hydrofoil blades are applied in configurations applications. Shaft diameters up to 250 mm. of 3 or 4 blades per mixer element. 2 or more Available in C-steel, SS316L and Duplex. elements are applied according to tank sizes Diameter propeller blades up to 5,5 mtrs. and digester characteristics. Lowest rpm Shaftlengts up to 30 mtrs with or without possible is selected for smooth and reliable bottom bearing. Hydrolock shafts seals are shaft executions, mostly for homogenizing and or mixing sludge and waste water. Materials in C-steel, SS316 and Duplex are available as well as rubber lined executions. All kinds of mixing blades within the Jongia range are available. Top entry mixer range type L is used for short meet maximum process output with minimum fermentation and waste water. Our aim is to turbines are applied in sludge, digestate, 1 or more mixer elements, hydrofoils or hydro bottom bearing is accepted. Executions with long or short shaft applications where no Visiting address Germany Top entry mixers types LB are applied in Visiting address The Netherlands James Wattstraat 8 mostly applied. power input!

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Standard IEC motor sizes, options for T4, PTC’s, etc. Heavy duty gearbox with extended bearing distances. SYDMIKSER JRWM Air Vent, to prevent Dry-running of sealfaces Shut off device enables maintenance on mixer during full tank mode Propeller Hydrofoil High Thrust engineered Propeller design , based on best practice and many years of experience Clamp for easy shaft fixation and easy exchange of mech. seal Mechanical seal according to DIN standards or alternative configurations Flat gasket, bolts & nuts included Why use the Jongia JRWM Sydmikser incorporates the oversized shaft. All JRWM Sydmiksers...

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