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System  Connections

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SYSTEM CONNECTIONS CONNECTION TO COMPRESSION FITTING Many but not all compression fittings are suitable for use with plastic fittings and pipe. Users should therefore check for compatibility. Compression fittings with short tube stop depth or brass olives should not be used with plastic fittings or pipe. When using compression fittings with Speedfit pipe, a Standard Pipe Insert (prefix TSM) must be used to withstand the compressive pressure of the olive. The olive must be located within the length of the pipe insert and the pipe fully inserted into the fitting. The connection should not need more than 2 full turns after the olive has gripped the pipe. JG Speedfit recommend the use of soft copper olives. Ensure nut and olive are in place before inserting pipe insert. Compression fitting Speedfit Pipe CONNECTION TO IMPERIAL PIPE AND FITTINGS The Speedfit Range includes couplers to connect Speedfit Pipe to 1/2” to 1” BSP and BSPT. See page 25 of the Speedfit Product Guide. Fittings to connect imperial pipe to metric are shown on page 28 of the Speedfit Product Guide. CONNECTION TO CHROME-PLATED COPPER PIPE Collet clip Speedfit fittings can be connected onto chromium plated copper pipe if the chromium plating is completely removed to the full depth of the fitting. To ensure maximum grip, the fitting of a collet clip is recommended. It is not possible to connect Speedfit fittings to Stainless Steel Pipe.

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CONNECTION TO MAINS SUPPLY In modern properties, water enters a building usually in blue MDPE (medium density polyethylene) pipe. In order to comply with Water Regulation Schedule 2.10, the internal plumbing system should be connected via a Speedfit Stop Tap from our Cold Water Services Range, Part No.’s UGSTV2515, 25mm x 15mm or UGSTV2522, 25mm x 22mm. Connection of Speedfit Pipe to supply pipe of other materials should be via a stop tap with a 15mm or 22mm compression outlet. CONNECTION TO BOILERS Speedfit pipe should never be connected directly to a boiler. Although most modern boilers...

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ContinuouSly oPerateD re-CirCulating SyStemS (SeConDary hot water CirCulation/ring main inStallationS): A continuously operated re-circulating system is a water-replenished circulating system which is maintained at a constant high temperature to provide a constant source of hot water. Continuously operated re-circulating systems are used to distribute constant hot water to draw off points that may be distant from the source or hot water storage vessel. Continuously operated re-circulating systems are very different from conventional hot water supply and central heating systems found in...

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DROP-PIPE SYSTEMS Care should be taken when designing and installing a central heating system where radiators are supplied by pipe work which drops from an upper floor. With this kind of system it is possible to trap air in the upper floor pipe work. When the boiler is fired the increase in pressure within the pipe caused by expanding air could cause the pipe to burst. It is therefore essential that the system be designed so that any air can be removed from the system either automatically or manually by installing automatic or manual air vents at the highest points of the system. CONNECTION...

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PREVENTING BACK FLOW The Speedfit Range includes a Double Check Valve (Part No 15DCV) to enable installers to comply with Water Regulation Schedule 2.15, thus preventing contamination of water arising from back siphonage, backflow or cross connection. RADIATOR CONNECTIONS The most common way of running pipework to a radiator is to run both flow and return pipes central to the radiator position. The pipes exit a single gang box (fitted with rubber grommets) located at the mid height of the finished radiator position. This also provides a fixed point for other trades to work to and reduces...

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SUPPLEMENTRY BONDING TO BATHROOMS Pipe Material Supplementary Bond Required Between Cold Water Earth terminals of protective conductors of class I and of class II equipment and accessible exposed conductive parts of the building structure. Hot water pipe, central heating pipes, earth terminals of protective conductors of class I and class II equipment and accessible exposed conductive parts of the building structure. Central heating pipes, the earth terminals of protective conductors of class I and class II equipment and access to exposed conductive parts of the building structure. All...

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CONNECTING TO OTHER PLUMBING FIXTURES As shown in the Product Range List, the Speedfit Range of fittings includes valves, taps, adaptors and connectors for the plumbing of all typical domestic appliances and fittings. DISCHARGE PIPES Speedfit Pipe should not be used to provide the discharge from unvented cylinders, unvented water heaters and sealed systems via the temperature relief and pressure relief valves. WATER HEATERS Speedfit recommend that mains supply pipework to unvented water heaters (up to 15ltr capacity), be run in metal pipes.

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