JG Speedfit® UK Cartridge Systems Catalogue - 8 Pages

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JG Speedfit® UK Cartridge Systems Catalogue
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Catalog excerpts

The Push-fit Solution for Underfloor Heating MANUFACTURERS' ASSOCIATION Single Room Underfloor Heating Pack Installation and User Guide Ideal for Conservatories and Extensions

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JG One Room Pack Unit Overview Blending valve to control Flow from heat source Return to heat source • • • • Ball valves allow for primary system. Return from underfloor heating loop Flow temperature probe bracket ensures silent operation. Flow to underfloor heating loop ••••* Boiler heat output requirement: It is likely that the existing domestic heating boiler will have sufficient capacity to cover the extra load the floor heating zone requires.As a general rule-of-thumb,the maximum heat input equates to I OOwatts per m2 of floor area. Typically a 20m2 room would require 2000 watts (2kW) of...

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JG One Room Pack Unit Overview Speedfit Underfloor Heating Packs consist of: A Control Unit which is pre assembled and pre wired, has integral ballvalves to allow for isolation from the primary system, an adjustable blending valve to control the temperature of the water and a high quality 6 metre head circulating pump. An antivibration mounting bracket ensures silent operation. Programmable Room Thermostat to give individual time and temperature, with a simple menu for easy adjustment. Control can be either 5 day/2 day or 7 day with up to 4 different time and temperature settings per day. Part...

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Floor Constructions - Solid Floor Screed typically 65mm from top of insulation. 15mm UFH barrier pipe, laid in spiral pattern at designed centres Pipe Staples Vapour Barrier Preparing the Floor The insulation should be fitted to a level and clean floor and over a DPM. Insulation thickness should be to the designed specification or building regulation whichever is greater (consult Architect/Building Control Officer). Edge insulation strip - This must extend to the upper edge of the flooring layer Damp proof membrane Floor Insulation in accordance with current regulations HEAT OUTPUT TABLES (w/m2)...

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Setting up and Pairing the Thermostat (Wireless Pack Only) USING A STANDALONE RECEIVER (RC1) With the termostat turned off • Press and hold the Clock button until the LCD comes on. • You will now see 2 sets of numbers. The small number 01 in the top right corner is the feature number. This is feature 01 • Press Clock repeatedly until you see feature 06 00= UH1-W 01= Standalone receiver •Use the Up/Down keys to set feature 06 large nubmers to 0106 Power off • Press Clock again until you see feature 07 Clock 01-32 Receiver Address (RF is disabled if receiver Address is set to 00) •Use Up/Downkeys...

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Installing & Wiring a JG One Room Pack USING A MOTORISED VALVE Optional Motorised Valve for Hot Water Programmable Roomstat for Radiators. Seperate time and temperature controls required. Motorised Valve for Radiators Wed ROOM TEMP Motorised Valve for UFH ºc Boiler Flow Pump Boiler Return RT1 - RT2 N N SL L L N E Gr Or If adding a 3rd circuit to an existing system that is using a 3 port motorised valve (Y-plan), the 3 port valve should BOILER ENABLE be replaced with two 2 port valves to make a total of 3 individual 2port valves (S-plan and S plan Plus) This arrangement will allow control of 3...

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CONNECTING TO THE EXISTING HEATING CIRCUIT (JG STAT NOT USED) Seperate time and temperature controls required. Optional Motorised Valve for Hot Water Programmable Roomstat for Radiators Motorised Valve for Radiators Connecting to existing heating circuit will not allow independant control of the UFH heating circuit. Boiler Flow Pump Boiler Return Return to Boiler The JG One Room pack will only need to be plugged into a convenient power socket. An internal temperature sensor will turn it on when hot water from the boiler flows through it. It will turn itself off when the water cools due to the...

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John Guest Speedfit Limited Horton Road, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 8JL, England. Tel: 01895 449233 Fax: 01895 420321 www.speedfit.co.uk | www.speedfitUFH.co.uk Technical Help Desk: 01895 425333 The company has a policy of continuous research and development and reserves the right to amend without notice the specification and design of all products illustrated in this catalogue. John Guest Speedfit reserve the right to change the colour and shape of products. Photographs are for illustration purposes only. Subject to our Terms and Conditions of Sale available on request. , and are registered...

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