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Double-head ( Movable ) User Cutting Machine (BCL-XH2HIM) Series) Man SMBS] HDMfMOi HMMM KB - I - ■ WW Vtt ■ tfjt -■■ Mi ptlOOHNM LOU *M "■■ Mrt* ■A-^HI . i ti^.T^hT-^ MAIN FEATURES O U£fl*KftttAA*XaM*lttiif fttttt*«. ST£**aR*LXft. MSAS*«lAn8^sa O BCL-XH2H oouWe-head User cuting mache* is me new model« Bo** laser maclwws accorrjng to customers' requirement R is developed from ongral tingle heed laser machines The new model slows the free twNch between srgle laser head wort end double laser heeds work The prooess efficiency can be Improved if)to two limes when the double heads work aithe same Bme O BCL-XH2HM Double-head movable laser curing machine Is improved based on ord«wy double-head laser cutting machine It can do mirror-image cuiwg.Two laser heads can move freely, each can llnsh whoh lormai pr ocessaig work rxtependerxry You can adjust ctstance between two heeds accoicsrig to your needs O The above Two double-head laser cutting machines can be well compatible with many different softwares, and they also support completely ofl-line wont which brings you f»gher ecoromc beneN IfrgS^aV TECHNICAL PARAMETER jK3fc58Mtt?ftTHE ADVANTAGE of DOUBLE-HEAD MOVING i. nft&mii**t#it,x*mw&tt-mma. «r«B»ff*a, MBS«*INW. fjifrettaaAAami 1 Oiversflied laser read "•ovement modes: two laser heads on X axis could move together, a so could move separately II big patterns need to process, laser machine could grve a command and let sogie laser read wort. 2 Automate finding cutting position ro r*ed to do manual dBtance erUuSBnent when (wo hssds wc* together 3 Mutt-choice typesetting columns both single and double column are okay(orotnary laser machine could suppon only double column typesetting) 4. Lees waste after inishng typesetting, if there Is sM 9ome extra material, various small paoBrns could be added, txis could save much :oet 3&ytzk&f&&iX. Laser head movement, modes M «ot» M toble IftSi Moikna table Iff&l Working table Dcnnrtmo oaeotistDn anftt MUr»MUt «£tBAifsiir. qax»ts« Cor™ dxtt»B*td Hpsn*^ mM EI«MI|««^«ii*ile*Ji inw-ieri eDdefteuM snceei ■mo Iftfti Working table

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Laser Cutting Bed (BCL-BH Series) HiQh-iW—T t i3w>cwtt wamaote Row Lgre awl ngtetw tamrs i Kyi e»tn»ir,i>loq »>iit»V» D—Ma NaOLM9tfOr*o»1 ^MEriE MAIN FEATURES O Bodor BCL-BH Series maawe adcpcs apeciafy treated high-dens*y hcneycomO workrtg able available tor kinds of O To matt trie demand o> cutting n large vrtdth,Bodo* laser cutting bed adopts steady chassis to ensure tie stabaty and preciUon In high speed wonting O The movrtg system adopts Tawan Hrwin Inear guide rail and precMon gear, matcfied ip wtn trie advanced OSP- controled 3-phase steppe* motor to ensure the working accuracy. O r*ew-*ry*e...

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