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Sealing Films for Cell and Tissue Culture, ELISA, EIA, and Similar Assays - 1 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Sealing Films for Cell and Tissue Culture, ELISA, EIA, and Similar Assays AeraSeal™ Microporous Films for Cell and Tissue Culture A 114 µm thick hydrophobic porous sealing film with medical-grade adhesive for tissue culture plates, bio-blocks, and 96-well plates where gas exchange is necessary for cell or bacterial growth. They allow uniform air and CO2 exchange for all wells, unlike plate lids which favor exchange for wells near the plate edges. · Dimensions: 82.6mm x 142.9mm for standard-size tissue culture plates. · Non-cytotoxic, highly gas permeable. · Easily pierceable with pipet tips or pipets for sample recovery. · Recommended for temperatures from -20 °C to +80 °C. Cat. No. AeraSeal Microporous Film AeraSeal Microporous Film, Sterile, supplied as 2 zip bags of 25 ea. AeraSeal sealing films minimize crosscontamination, spillage and evaporation. Accessory - Plate Roller* * Completing application of sealing films by pressing with an accessory plate roller assures a secure uniform seal around all wells. The roller fits within the rim of a raised-well plate. SealPlate® Sealing Films for ELISA, EIA, and Similar Assays SealPlateTM Sealing Films SealPlate® 50 µm thickness polyester sealing films minimize evaporation, prevent spillage and contamination between wells, and provide a secure seal, not just a cover. Secure sealing of all wells eliminates “edge effects” in sensitive ELISA assays. SealPlate sealing films can also be used with tissue-culture plates for short-term storage, incubation, and containment of biohazards. SealPlate sealing films are non-pierceable. Each SealPlate sealing film measures 79.4mm x 146.1mm. ThinSealTM polyester sealing films are just 25µm thick, clearer and marginally pierceable with single-channel pipettes for sample recovery. ThinSeal sealing film dimensions are 79.4mm x 141.0mm. · Functional temperature range from -40°C to +120°C. · Available sterile and non-sterile. Cat. No. SealPlate Sealing Film, Non-Sterile SealPlate Sealing Film, Sterile ThinSeal Sealing Film, Non-Sterile ThinSeal Sealing Film, Sterile SealPlate® MiniStrips for ELISA, EIA, and Similar Assays SealPlate MiniStrips SealPlate® MiniStrips sealing films are identical to SealPlate films above, but designed for sealing only one or two 8-well rows at a time on either strip-well or standard plates whenever rows must be selectively protected or accessed. Each MiniStrips film is 19.0mm x 103.2 mm, including two positioning tabs. The long dimension with the tabs removed is 82.6 mm. MiniStrips are supplied in sheets of four from which strips can be peeled individually or two-at-a-time for application to plates. Sterile product is packaged in 200µm tamper-evident bags of 200. · Two tabs on each strip for easy application and removal. · Perforated tabs can be removed or sealed around plate edge. · Can be used as secondary seal to cover sealing films that have been pierced. Cat. No. SealPlate MiniStrips, Non-Sterile SealPlate MiniStrips, Sterile J.G. Finneran Associates, Inc. — Visit www.JGFinneran.com • 1-800-552-3696 • 1-856-696-3605 Engineered and manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 certified guidelines

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