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Cold Wire Tig Feeder - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

(Wire Guide Positioner not illustrated) Jetline cold wire feeders are primarily used for gas tungsten arc welding (TIG) and plasma arc welding (PAW). They can also be used in other applications where a controlled feed of wire is required such as a brazing operation.Cold wire feeding is used in the welding process for four purposes:1 To add "fi ll" to a weld joint. The wire is used to fi ll a chamfered weld preparation or to add reinforcement for a butt weld.2 To enhance or preserve the metallurgical in-tegrity of the weld metal by selecting the wire type to add the required elements to the weld or to replace those which are lost as a result of the welding operation.3 To control the weld pool by the chilling action of the wire, especially in out-of-position weld applications. The chilling effect reduces the weld pool size for easier control.4 To provide the fi ll for an overlay or cladding operation. The wire can be selected to provide the desired properties for the application. All Jetline wire feeders are suitable for any of the above applications. Standard models are eco- nomically priced and provide smooth, consistent wire feed for almost all types of welding wire, both hard and soft. Precision models are available for demanding applications where wire feed speed accuracy is critical. A Jetline cold wire feeder consists of the following elements: Wire Feedhead and SpoolholderՕ 9629 Microprocessor Controller WGP-1 Wire Guide Positioner AssemblyOptional items are available including:Օ Pulsed Wire Feed Wire Feed Accessory KitsՕ Protective Spool Cover Motorized Wire Guide PositionerՕ Compact Wire Guide Positioner > (Four-Roll Wire Feedhead Illustrated) The wire feedhead and the spoolholder are mount-ed on a common base to permit a smooth transfer of the wire from the spool, through the feed rolls, to the wire feed conduit. The feedhead should be mounted as close as possible to the welding torch, brackets are available for this purpose, if required. The unit incorporates a spoolholder for standard spools with a 2" (50 mm) hole. A clear plastic cover is optionally available to protect the wire spool from the dust in the workshop atmosphere. >

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TGK-6 Tach-Generator Kit This feature provides the ability to pulse the wire feed and consists of optional fi rmware which can be used with standard or precision feeders. This is a three roll straightener suitable for all wire diameters up to 1/16" (1.6 mm). When the tach-generator kit is fi tted, the CWF-10B or CWF-10B/4R feeder can be operated under closed-loop control for greater speed holding ac- curacy. Pulsed Wire Feed Wire Straightener WGP-2ES , is avail-able.As an alternative to the standard WGP-1 positioner, two other types are available.The > The WGP-1 wire guide positioner is supplied...

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