Speed Sensors for Automotive Turbochargers - 4 Pages

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Speed Sensors for Automotive Turbochargers

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Speed sensors for automotive turbochargers Boost turbocharger benefits Increase and optimize turbochargers’ efficiency and power performance. Protect from catastrophic failure. Synchronize performance with engines. JAQUET speed sensors are designed for the extremely demanding turbocharging operating conditions of high rpm’s, temperatures, vibration and electrical interference. JAQUET speed sensors are attractively priced and configured for your roadmap to provide for increased performance, fuel efficiency and drivability. With over 7 million JAQUET turbocharger speed sensors currently in use – and 10 years of application knowledge - we are the ideal partner to provide you with a solution to fit your needs.

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The challenge and opportunity Improved fuel economy and reduction of engine emissions are the major factors which regulate today’s automotive industry. Turbocharging has become the key enabling technology for not only meeting these regulatory standards but also for delivering the desired large engine performance from a smaller ‘downsized’ engine. To maximize performance of the turbocharger (and the engine) it is essential to accurately measure the rotational speed of the turbocharger’s compressor wheel or axle and transfer this information to the engine control unit. Why measure...

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TECHNOLOGY GROUP 3 different technology platforms with unlimited customized configuration Artemis - Variable Reluctance Speed Sensors • Used with combination of a ferromagnetic target, e.g. a flat on the turbo shaft. • Potted PPS housing sensor up to 180° C • Over-molded epoxy housing up to 220° C • Potted steel housing up to 260° C Hermes - Passive Blade Pass Sensor • Speed sensor is mounted into the compressor cover and detects the pass of the aluminum compressor blades. • Compressor blades are detected by a special coil system that detects eddy currents present in the blades. These are...

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MARKETS SERVED Swiss know-how and quality matched to your demands JAQUET manufactures speed sensors in quantities from 1 to millions per project per year. These typically customer specific solutions add value through being matched to individual applications. Since 1889, a spirit of excellence complementing tradition and innovation. Automotive turbochargers Turbocharger for trucks, passenger cars, construction equipment Speed of turbochargers Gearbox shaft and retarder speed Railway systems Optimum traction control WSP (wheel slide protection) systems Speed information for automatic train...

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