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SIL3 Sensor - 4 Pages

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SIL3 Sensor
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Catalog excerpts

6 . (1-ß D) . λ DD+(1-ß) . λ DU . ... . (1-ß) . λ t + ßλ = SIL3 DU CE DU SIL3 Speed Sensors Completing fully certified safety systems The importance of numbers: 200'000 man days experience in supplying quality speed sensors; 2'000 man hours to create the first SIL certified speed sensor; all to achieve the number 3.

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Chances are your life was influenced by JAQUET speed sensors today: Monitoring turbines that generated the electricity to power your lights at home. Optimizing turbo speed in supermarket delivery trucks. Measuring the engine speed in the harvesting machine for your daily bread. Controlling the railway traction motors and brakes on your train to work. JAQUET’s new line of SIL3 capable speed sensors now enables added functional safety in these and many other applications with an associated reduction in risk level. Designed to conform to safety standards ANSI/ISA 84.00.01, IEC61508 & IEC61511 plus...

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Protecting the compressor sets that produce fertilizer for your lunchtime salad. Making street sweepers that keep your city streets clean more efficient. Synchronizing road roller speeds to smooth your highway journey. In the fast patrol boats and submarines that keep our shores safe. 3 VR coil systems are initially offered for targets ranging from Module 1 to 10, Pitch (DP) 2.5 to 25 in housings fully closed at the front & potted at the back to eliminate ingress risks. VR sensors are offered in the temperature range of -40 ... +150°C with either integral connector or integral cable. All in a...

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MARKETS SERVED Swiss know-how and quality matched to your demands JAQUET manufactures speed sensors in quantities from 1 to 200,000 per project per year. These typically customer specific solutions add value through being matched to individual applications. Since 1889, a spirit of excellence complementing tradition and innovation. Automotive turbochargers Turbocharger for trucks, passenger cars, construction equipment Speed of VG/VNT turbochargers Gearbox shaft and retarder speed Railway systems Optimum traction control WSP (wheel slide protection) systems Speed information for automatic train...

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