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JAQUET T500 Dualtach 2-channel tachometer

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JAQUET T500 DualTach2 channel measurement and monitoring instrument for demanding machine protection applications Features High accuracy speed measurement: 0.002% for limits and 0.1% referenced to 20 mAՕ 2 frequency + 2 binary inputs 2 current, 4 relay and 2 Open Collector outputs Օ Sensor monitoring for all sensor technologies Ethernet interface - configuration via Windowsծ software Extensive parameter and limit setting possibilitiesՕ Programmable logical, diagnostic and measurement functions Supply 18..36 VDC or 90..264 VAC Օ Plug in terminals The T500 Advantage Fast 8 ms reaction time on overspeed Օ 4 parameter sets each with 6 System Limits for almost limitless applications Logical limit combinations save relays & wiring Օ Acceleration measurement as standard x1, x2 or x4 frequency outputs Օ Compatible with all popular sensor types Fulfills demanding safety requirements Typical Applications Օ Micro turbine speed measurement and overspeed protection Diesel engine start control and protection Օ Dual turbocharger speed measurement Equipment in safety critical applications Օ Universal tachometer >

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Type and part numbers AC version: T501.50 part number: 384Z-05600 DC version: T501.10 part number: 384Z-05601 > Measurement range 0.025 Hz... 50.00 kHz Measurement time Configurable min. measurement time (t): 2/5/10/20/50/100/200/500 ms, 1/2/5 s Reaction time For input frequencies having period < measurement time (t > M ): Current output: t > M + 4.1 ms Relays: t > M + 6 ms For input frequencies having period > measurement time (t > M ): Current output: Maximum: Input period + t > M + 4.1 ms Relays: Maximum: Input period + t > M + 6 ms Accuracy Limits 0.002% Current output 0.1% referenced...

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Maximum load 500 Ohm corresponding to a maximum of 10 V Resolution 14 bit corresponding to 1:16384 (actual resolution: 1.36 A) Linearity error Max. 0.015 % Temperature drift Typ. ձ 50 ppm/K, max 120 ppm/K Relays (4) Limits 4 parameter sets each with 6 System Limits (AND / OR combined values) Hysteresis Freely programmable upper and lower set-points for each limit Contacts Change-over: 230 VAC / max. 0.45 A 125 VAC / max. 1 A 30 VDC / max. 2 A Open Collector outputs (2) Isolated outputs of sensor frequencies: programmable x1, x2 or x4 (subject to 2 channel phase shift). Can also react on...

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Mounting DIN-rail DIN 4622713 (EN 50022) or mounting plate DIN 43660 (46121) Housing Material ABS, color RAL 7035 Terminals Plug-in style Weight AC version: 384 g DC version: 371 g Configuration / operating software Interface Ethernet connection. (Please note: Ethernet cable is not included. ) The software is stored in the unit. Configuratoion and display of values possible with Ethernet, no PC connection needed. Functionality Fast and user friendly parameter set up Օ Access to stored parameters PC display of measurement, relay and alarm status Օ Normal file handling and printing of...

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T500s allow you the freedom to choose the functions or system configuration that best match your application. As well as being replacements for previous generation tachometers they can process mul-tiple sensors data including frequency and bi- nary inputs.Want to know when a trip occurred? Could really do with more gear teeth than space al- lows? Need to swap between different param- eter sets? - No problem - the T500 DualTach provides the solution. Uniquely, the T500Ғs also enable you to logi-cally combine decision parameters from more than one sensor or command to create control signals....

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2 CHANNEL TACHOMETER System Limits for simple configuration of complex solutions > System Limit structure configuration is easy. You dont have to waste time thinking about parallel- and serial wiring, or inverting and dou-ble inverting of signals just to get that signal you need. Just concentrate on the value and/or signal you need and define a System Limit for it. As shown in the example on top: A need for a TRIP as soon as machine turns faster than 300 rpm and there is no emergency stop coming in on binary 1. After that just assign this System Limit to a relay and define its behaviour. I...

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The configuration software is stored in the T500 itself. So you never have to think about software version - it will always work with the firmware.The software allows: Fast and user friendly parameter set up.Օ Access to stored parameters. Normal file handling and printing or parameter details Օ PC display of measurement, relay and alarm status. Password protection with 3 levelsAll you need is an Ethernet terminal, a crossed Ethernet cable (not included) and an internet browser (no internet access needed). Please note: Information is subject to change. For more technical information please...

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JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP offers the worlds most versatile and advanced range of solutions for the detection, measurement, diagnosis and management of rotational speed. Our industry and application specific expertise ensures that you will achieve an op-timum solution. Completely matched to your individual requirements, meeting key industrial standards and certifications, our products help boost the performance of your machinery while reducing cost of ownership. TYPICAL INDUSTRIES SERVED ҕ Automotive and truck Aerospace Օ Diesel / Gas engines Hydraulics Օ Railway Turbines Օ Turbochargers...

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