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I N C H A R G E O F S P E E D Pole wheels and pole bands JAQUET PRODUCT INFO www.jaquet.com POLE WHEELS AND POLE BANDS

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JARUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP Ple wheels FTP A polo wtioc* on the target shaft is rcquired wtien uslng contacttess sensors %o gn䩩rale a signal, Often an ewstlng gear wftcel can be usod but where nonc 6 prsent a spcial gear, slotled or holed disk wcxid be added. Whera the shaft is very large a coet effectue alternative b to add a pote band (see fottowlng secttoo). Oiher exlsttng parts sucti as dulcftes. flanges or shafts, lo which slots. holes or pegs can be adcted may also be suttable as tho pdo wnocf. Soo notos on po*o wheel gc<xnotry. 3

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JAGLUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP Ple wheel sensing This is usually via radially mounted sensors (occasionaly via axial mountlng). Ail mountlng and operational tolrances shouKJ bo taken into account when dotermintng the sensor/poie wheel air gap. in the case of axial mounbng the often consid䩩rable axial shaft play should t>6 albwed for. Tb maintain a relattvely ccnstant rnarkspace rat» of the snsof output signal during rotation of the pote wheel, the ple whee.'sensor air gap should be kept as smal! as possible. Toolhcd wheel with Involuie gear toim Material Sensors that operate on the pnncipe of...

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Ple wheels JAGLUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP Gom䩩trie relatlonsh.ps with disk ple wheels The following rela&onships are vaiid for Irtvotute gear wtieels; Pftch circumferer.ee Uo(mm]  i䕯»do(mm] M&\ p f mm) dofined as Tooth centre spacing on the pftch diametor - Z and polo count Pitctt circumference Uolmm] Pitch diametor do [mm) Z * p [mm] Z p (mm) / x ivith module fmm| dջttned as ■ p / n do = piteh diameter Eus dk = outer demeter mon df = tooth base dlametec Pttch damoter P = pifch do [mm] * 2» module [mm) Z - number of polos or t m = module h = tooth height For optimum power transmissiez in a...

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Ple wheels JAQJJET TECHNOLOGY GROUP Two pice p䨴le wheels with boss Sries FTP 540 P = M = D - H = U - T = F - Numbcf ol Module Exiemal tfamotor Tooih wrtfth Boss dlame.er Boss w<tti Spcial bore range fhread Wlen key siie for the fixing screw Typ_ParINr. P M D H U T B.驄_F SW [kg] FTP 54 Ifl 20 306H-61579 120 1 122 10 108 20 10 , 70 M8 5 on request FTP541/1B0 3O6H-61580 180 1 182 10 168 25 10...120 M10 on request FTP 541/240 306H-61581 240 I 242 10 228 30 10...170 M12 10 on rcquest FTP 542/60 306H-61582 60 2 124 15 108 20 15...70 M8 6 27 FTP 542/90 306H 61583 90 2 184 15 168 25 15 ...120 M10 8...

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JAQJJET TECHNOLOGY GROUP Pale band to shaft Where a contact less sensor ts to be used to gnrale a signal from a very large shaft, a p驴le band strapped to the shaft is a provon approach. It « aJso a cost effective alternative to using a very large pote wheel. Sensing Tbis s always via a radially mountod sonsot Ail mountinfl and operational tolrances must be allowed for when determinmg the air g dp, in partiaia r the often considrable end floal with large shafts. To maintain a constant signal ratio during ono rvolution of the shaft the air gap should be kept to a minimum. Material The polo...

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Ple bands JAGLUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP Ple bands s䴩ries FTP 552 Ple band module > 3 ■v. : n stamped bar sections irx shatts > 6G0 mm o,d Pan Nr. 306J-72663 CM Type 306J-72491 Ple bands s䴩ries FTP 551 Pc e band module > 3 wth humps for shafls > 200 mm ad and with limited t1** A M ? 1 'MM ■' Part. Nr. 3Q6L-72492 *1 *Ie 4*»6J-»« Pi P״le bands sries FTP 553 Ple band modu*e > 2 with stamped bar sections for shafls > 200 mm o.d. (Creep d鴩tecter). Part. Nr. 306M-72726 143

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JAQJJET TECHNOLOGY GROUP FTP 511.«8 Ple wheels Sries FTP 511 Mat䩩riel Black anodtsed anbcorodal FTP 511/B10 only - siaintess steel Arrangement and number of ple* 4 at face Mounting Coaxkally scr ewed lo turbocharger shaft Speed range Lowest: Oh.9000 rpm Highest: 0++.60000 rpm Type Part-Nr. Thread [g] Wolght FTP 511/M8 3O6A-71570 Mb*} 25 23 FTP 511/M12 306A-71S71 M12x1.75 27 FTP 511/W58 306A-71572 S/8-X2.3 43 FTP 511/W34 306A-71573 3/4*XZ.54 81 FTP 511/M20 306A-71575 M20x1.S 81 FTP 511 «10 306A-71574 M10X1.5 84 FTPS11W3-V FTP S11/M20 144

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Turbocharger ple wheels JAQJJET Series FTP 511 TECHNOLOGY GROUP Turbocharger rnodel_Notes_Poie wfteel_Sensor RR150. 180. 212 tc wth fliter srtencer or air Intake reduston FTG232Aod.S VTC214. 254, 304 tc wth fliter sJlencGf or air Intke reduc䢯on FTG 232 A Of S VTC214. 254,304 ח FTG 233 Aor S VTR 160 Beartng we, wf FTP 511/M12 FTG 103 Bearing wet wp FTG 233 A or S VTB161 Bearing wp ח FTG 233 Aor S Bearing we FTG 233 A or S VTR 2C0 Bearing we FTP511/W56 FTG 103 Bearing wet wp ח FTG 233A or S VTR 201 Beanng wp FTG 233 A or s VTR 250 Bearing we, wf FTP511AV34 FTG 103 Beartng wet wp ח FTG233AorS...

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