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JAQUET MDS4000 Engine diagnostic system

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Typical applicationsdiesel engines in railways marine engines Automotive engines Diesel and gas engines for power generation Compressors Cylinder by cylinder. Cycle by cycle. For old and new engines. > JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP introduces the next generation engine diagnostic system MDS4000. It provides general engine condition and cylinder specific information - emulating the experience of a lifetime at the wheel. An on-board, realtime diesel engine health check, the next generation engine di-agnostic system. The performance and health of diesel engines can be diagnosed from the progress of rotation.JAQUET֑s MDS4000 delivers cylinder specific information allowing event based maintenance as opposed to often unnecessary scheduled overhauls. Faults are detected at an early stage, avoiding operation with increased fuel consumption and ultimately catastrophic failure.Major engine defects do not occur without warning signals but early problems can be masked by the governor delivering more fuel to a faulty cylinder. Undetected small increases in fuel consumption soon mount up to the cost of MDS4000. If left until its too late, catastrophic failure can amount to the cost of 100 systems. Preventive maintenance is usually based on engine manufacturerҒs recommenda-tions and can be an expensive exercise. MDS4000 allows you to wait and base your maintenance plans on real data.

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ENGINE DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM Engine diagnostic for diesel engine > The theory that in the variable component of an engines crankshaft speed valuable information of the behavior of the engine would be available has been known for many years. By developing the MDS4000, Switzerland based JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP is now applying this theory to the online monitoring and di-agnostics of a range of engines from 4 to 16 cylinders. MDS 4000 is available in the form of a half 19Ҕ rack for use in test cells or as a compact OEM module to upgrade existing engines e.g. in railway applications. General...

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Speed sensors with a high dynamic precision deliver their signals to up to 3 input arrays of the system. Various other in-put lines are available to set the relevant environmental con-ditions such as oil temperature, start or stop command of the engine etc. Through the CAN-Interface the system can com- municate with the ECU or deliver results to a remote service host. Assignable relay outputs allow setting alarm or warning set-points for an effective triage of failure situations.The core of the system is a DSP processor where the data acquisition, the filtering and the actual diagnose...

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JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP offers the worlds most versatile and advanced range of solutions for the detection, measurement, diagnosis and management of rotational speed. Our industry and application specific expertise ensures that you will achieve an op-timum solution. Completely matched to your individual requirements, meeting key industrial standards and certifications, our products help boost the performance of your machinery while reducing cost of ownership. TYPICAL INDUSTRIES SERVED ҕ Automotive and truck Aerospace Օ Diesel / Gas engines Hydraulics Օ Railway Turbines Օ Turbochargers...

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