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JAQUET GreenLine Speed Sensors

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TABLE OF CONTENTSVR - electromagnetic speed sensors Digital electromagnetic speed sensors VR sensors for explosive atmospheres - EX ATEX Zone 1 / EX NA Class 1 Div 1 - EX ATEX Zone 2 / EX NA Class 1 Div 2Dierential Hall eect speed sensors Dual Hall eect speed sensors Zero speed Hall eect speed sensors Tachometer T400 series Handheld tachometer series JAQUET corporate overview The GreenLine family is the newest line of industrial speed sensors and control modules from JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP. These sensors and tachometers provide solutions for speed sensing and control applications both for end users and small OEMs. Our offering of 50 plus sensors and 4 tachometer modules allows straight forward signal detection, monitoring and conditioning.Sensors are available with VR or Hall technologies with cable or connector interfaces. Sizes range from 3/8-24 and M10X1 to 3/4-16 and M16X1.5. Sensor capability ranges from zero speed to high frequency detection and all units have sealed sensing areas to prevent liquid intrusion. Also available are direction sensing units and hazardous loca-tion versions for both North America (NEC, CEC) and Europe (ATEX).The JAQUET T400 series F-DC tachometers are available with current or voltage analog output and they also provide a sine to square wave converter/re-transmit signal, sensor health monitoring and a high/low limit relay. All inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated. T400ґs are configured via a PC with supplied software using the PC-T400 cable. Available packages include DIN-rail mount and panel mount with display. The new GreenLine sensors and tachometers can be used to provide either a complete measurement chain solution or individual speed sensing products as needed. Technical product overviews follow in this brochure, while complete data sheets are available on www.jaquet.com under the GreenLine sensors link. >

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JAQUET speed sensors are designed to endure the most demanding ambient condi-tions and are used in a multitude of applications e.g. turbochargers, hydraulic motors, diesel and gas engines, turbines, pumps and compressors, just to name a few. Our platform approach enables us to take an appropriate sensing technology and package it in either one of our huge array of existing housings or in something matched to your specific requirements.Need a high temperature helicopter turbine sensor or a railway traction control sensor that delivers tooth frequency x 16 from the first tooth? Consider it...

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Features Converts absolute speed into an analog signal Օ Including 2 limits (A/B) with programmable hysteresis One changeover relay assigned via binary input to limit (A or B)Օ T411 and T412 models with display Isolated signal input with automatic trigger level adjustmentՕ Built in isolated sensor supply with sensor monitoring Open collector output of sensor frequencyՕ Accuracy class 0.05% for limits and 0.5% for analog signals Configuration and status via Windowsծ software 5 digit machine factor allowing configuration and display in machine unitsՕ Wide tolerance 10...36 VDC power supply >...

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Type and part numbers > T401.00 4..20mA output 383Z-05307 T402.00 2...10 V ouput 383Z-05308 T411.00 display; 4...20 mA output 383Z-05318 T412.00 display; 2...10 V output 383Z-05319 T411.03 display; 5 VDC sensor supply; 4...20 mA output 383Z-05595 T412.03 display; 5 VDC sensor supply; 2...10 V output 383Z-05596 Optional accessories > Power supply 100-240 VAC /24 VDC / 1 A 383Z-05764 Interface cable RS232 for configuration 830A-36889 USB adapter for interface cable 830A-37598 Set points /relay Measuring range (2) Hysteresis: For each limit an upper and a lower set point may be set...

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Binary inputs (1) For external selection between two sets (A/B) of programmable relay control and acknowledge functions: (No external pull up needed) Low active :U < +1.5V High (open) :U > +3.5V Environmental Power supply 10...36 VDC power consumption max. 3 W KUE according to DIN 40 040 Operating temperature: - 40+85 ŋC Storage temperature: -40څ+90 ˚C Relative humidity up to 75% average over one year period, up to 90% max. for 30 days Insulation Galvanic separation between power supply, current output and the sensor power supply. Isolation 700 VDC / 500 VAC. Relay contact isolation: 1500...

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