Diesel & Gas: Part 2 - 2 Pages

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Diesel & Gas: Part 2

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DIESEL AND GAS ENGINES ENGINES GreenLine Speed Sensors Signal Repeater SR103 Tachometer T400 Accurate speed information is required for the governor, over-speed protection and other subsystems (such as Lambda control, anti-knock system etc.). In a modern setup, system integrators therefore have to mount up to five speed sensors to the engine all with their individual requirements for placement, orientation and wiring. Additionally, the different sensor types have to be kept in stock as spare parts. The JAQUET Speed Package 2 helps to avoid this unfavourable situation. For this task, JAQUET AG – a sensor specialist manufacturing more than one million sensors per year for engines and turbochargers – offers a set of reliable speed sensors together with the signal repeater SR103. With this simple solution the speed information can be delivered to up to three independent applications. Output drivers are able to cope with the input requirements of virtually all subsystems in use today. The GreenLine sensor family is a line of more than 50 speed sensors. Sensors are available with variable reluctance (VR) or Hall technologies with cable or connector interfaces. Sizes range from 3/8”-24 and M10X1 to ¾”-16 and M16X1.5 and all units have sealed sensing areas to prevent liquid intrusion. Also available are direction sensing units and hazardous location versions for both North America (NEC, CEC) and Europe (ATEX). With the zero-speed detection capability of Hall effect sensors as well as the GL approval of the whole GreenLine range, these devices are best suited as reliable and cost-effective cam and crankshaft sensors on diesel engines. The T400 range of tachometers allows monitoring of rotational engine speed. Should a predefined over-speed condition occur, the system will trigger a relay to allow a controlled shutdown. Additionally, it is possible to output a proportional analogue value to be used for indicating instruments or governor systems. There is also an optional fivedigit display to show the engine speed in machine values.

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DIESEL AND GAS ENGINES ENGINES The signal repeater SR103 distributes a single sensor signal input to up to three galvanically isolated push-pull outputs. Additionally, the unit offers built-in sensor monitoring allowing the detection of sensor failures. System Properties Inputs • Sensor input for active and passive speed sensors 3 galvanically isolated signal outputs (push-pull) Frequency range from 0 Hz to 35 kHz. Output level jumper-adjustable to 5 VDC. Maximum wire length up to 200 m Special Features • Sensor input with adaptive trigger level for VR sensors. Outputs individually...

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